Sanoviv Staff

Time and time again, our guests comment that one of the most healing aspects of their stay at Sanoviv is the love and care that they receive from the staff. Our Sanoviv professionals are carefully chosen to enhance the healing experience here at Sanoviv, whether they are the medical doctors treating you, your personal coordinator, your psychologist, our technicians, the nursing staff, the Chef’s in the kitchen or the gardeners that keep Sanoviv beautiful while they greet you with a smile. We are focused on providing a positive, caring and healing environment for your benefit in everything that we do.  You are our purpose.

Click on any of them to know a little bit more about them and see what is that they love about Sanoviv !

Myron Wentz, Ph. D.


Seth Miller


Isaac Meza, MD

Medical Director

Armonía Rodríguez, MD

Treating Physician | Aftercare

Francisco Quintero, MD

Treating Physician

Francisco Ulloa, MD

Treating Physician

Gibrán Guardado, MD

Treating Physician | Special Care

Gisell García, MD

Treating Physician | Chronic Infections

Ivan Cuevas, MD

Treating Physician | Intensive Care

Ivonne Pacheco, MD

Treating Physician

Javier Rubio, MD

Evening Weekend Doctor

Joann Cabrera, MD


Laura Haro, MD

Evening Weekend Doctor

Mitzu Fajardo, MD

Research Director

Ramsés Ortega, MD

Integrative Oncologist / Surgeon

Santiago Sandoval, MD

Treating Physician

Sofia González, MD

Treating Physician

José Luis Flores, Ph. D.

Principal Research Scientist

Victoria López, MD


Fernando Labrada, DC QME


Raymundo González, DC


Kathya Ureña, LND


Linda Cardona, NS LDN

Nutrition Supervisor

Marcos Sánchez, LDN

Special Diet Supervisor

Sue Ward, MS CNS

Director of Nutrition, Fitness & Education

José Fernando Estrella, MA


Jonás Gilberto Chong, MA

Supervisor of Psychology & Spirituality

Sandra Toledo, MA


Karen Sheeks, NS MS

Head of Mind/Body Therapy

Luis Armando Gómez, DDS

Treating Dentist

Arturo Martínez

Lab Technician

Ilse Lugo


Fausto Villavicencio, Ph. D.


Katherine Litwin


Mireya Valdéz, CLS

Pharmacy & Laboratory Chief

Raúl Castillo

Pharmacy | Home Program

Sofía Sánchez

Clinical Laboratory Chemist

Nallely Bañuelos

Imaging | Thermography

Omar Higuera, MD


Omar Hernández, PT

Fitness Supervisor

David González

Spa Supervisor

María de Lourdes Gallardo, PT

Bioenergetics | Quiet Room

Arely Espinoza


Erick Alejandro Chavarría


Joel Alberto Santana


José Leal

Coordination Supervisor

Juan Llanos


Yesika Lucero 


Sandra Lucía Montañez

Guest Services Manager

Tris Conley

Director of Guest Services

Bill Mansell

Director of Admissions & Marketing

Liliana Pérez


Sergio Sotelo


Aries Flores

Billing Coordinator

Karla Lelenia Rodríguez

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