Sanoviv Health Stuff Store

Be sure you visit the Health Stuff Store, and take a little bit of Sanoviv home.


The Sanoviv Health Stuff Store is located in the mansion building and includes many products that are only available here at Sanoviv. The store offers variety of products to improve your health and to help you turn your home into a mini-Sanoviv! Items include books on health and nutrition, food preparation equipment, aromatherapy, detox aids, natural personal hygiene products, bio-energetics, fitness aids, organic clothing, souvenirs, and more.

All of the products offered here at Sanoviv are free of harmful chemicals, parabens or added perfumes – personally approved and recommended by our medical staff.


The comfortable Sanoviv clothing that you will wear during your stay is available for purchase at the Health Stuff Store. We also carry Sanoviv branded organic clothing as well as t-shirts and other accessories in a variety of colors.


Our wide range of books will inspire you to change your life from cooking, juicing, detox, healing to energy medicine.

Kitchen items

Kitchen items are a must have to start your new healthy lifestyle. We can help you maintain the new eating habits that you acquired at Sanoviv, so that you can continue your healing after you return home.

Personal Hygiene

Don’t worry if you forgot some of your personal hygiene items. We have a wide range of healthy selections, including natural sunscreen, body cream, deodorant, lip balm, razors, and much more.

Essential Oils

A wide selection of organic essential oils are also available for you convenience. We also have several proprietary Sanoviv blends that can help you with headaches, anxiety, serenity, tolerance and even our harmony blend to restore balance to any space.

Best NRJ-3

This is a powerful 2-in-1 micro-current biofeedback, medical device designed for pain management, deep stimulation, long lasting relief, and anti-aging skin treatments. This equipment is used in our special care, chiropractic, spa and quiet room areas. Ask for a free demonstration on how you can take some of the benefits of the Sanoviv Energy Medicine home with you. These benefits may include:

-Soothing aches and pains
-Reducing inflammation
-Healing burns
-Getting firmer and smoother skin
-Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Improving scar tissue appearance
-Micro-current facelift
-and much more
-Learn more about this amazing machine at:


Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Are you permanently tired or even sometimes depressed? Do you need help dealing with stress or cravings?
Equipped with a MP3 player, PSiO is a pair of glasses which combines relaxing music and voice with light stimulation. This technology offers an innovative, simple and effective solution to rediscover optimum well-being.

Mexican Crafts

Savor the wonderful colors of Mexico with locally-crafted souvenirs to remind you of your visit to Sanoviv.


We offer shipping services if you want items to be shipped from Sanoviv to your home (no food or supplements), we also have flower services. If you would like to send an arrangement to one of our guests, you can call us at 800-726-6848 Ext. 9028 or email us at:


Sanoviv recommends supplements from USANA Health Sciences as the best nutritional supplement for the average healthy person, available at Additional targeted support that may be recommended by your Sanoviv doctor for your health condition may be obtained at Sanoviv, Inc, a US company, at