Mitzu Fajardo, MD

Research Director

Dr. Mitzuko Fajardo graduated from University of Panamerica, one of the most prestigious universities for the medical career in México. She considers being a doctor is one of the greatest satisfactions of her life, even though, during her undergraduate medical internship and social service, she felt that something was missing in the wuality of service provided to patients.

Immediately after leaving medical school, she got involved in a research protocol to describe the association between stressful life and cardiovascular profile in adolescents from México City. She also participated as a volunteer in the Childhood Cancer Registry, where she was amazed at how wuality data becomes an indispensable tool for decision making in the clinical field. With those experiences, she realized that research was her true vocation.

She obtained her masters in science degree from CICESE, one of the leading research centers in México, and developed basic science skills that could be of benefit in the clinical field. This is when Sanoviv crossed her path. She is impressed by the care focused on every patient. Sanoviv;s mission is not only centered on the physical, mental, as well as their spiritual wellbeing. She strongly believes that this health care model has to be promoted, and this is her mission at the Research Department at Sanoviv.

She loves spending time with her husband, cooking, dancing, or merely enjoying our everyday life with her family and friends.