Bioenergetic Department

Most people are familiar with the chemical side of our body, that consists of millions of chemical reactions, and can be affected by medications, chemicals, food, etc.  But, many don’t realize that we are also energetic beings with electrical impulses flowing throughout the body.  Understanding and balancing this flow of energy is just as important to our state of health as treating the chemical side.  In our bio-energetic department we use various tools and therapies to restore balance and flow to energetic systems of the body, which helps to support and increase the effectiveness of therapies that are being done in other departments.  This synergistic, whole-body approach to healing sets Sanoviv apart and contributes to the positive results that many experience.

The Bioenergetic Department is located in a beautiful room overlooking the ocean, called the Quiet Room.  Here trained therapists work directly with your doctor and other professionals to select the appropriate bioenergetic therapies for you.

Here is a summary of some of the many pieces of equipment that are used in this department to promote healing and potentiate other therapies:

This therapy is available in our bio-energetics department at Sanoviv.  Equiscope is a pain-management micro current device designed to treat neural tissues and connective tissue, stimulating detoxification pathways on the cellular membrane. It also can reach and work via meridians, chakras, reflex points, acupuncture points and nervous system via spinal and brain waves to support the treatment of chronic disease.  Equiscope therapy is among the most effective methods of pain relief available today.  It may also be used to speed the healing process, reduce inflammation, enhance skin tone and appearance, and to stimulate detox.

Biotron with Magnets
This therapy is available in our bio-energetics department at Sanoviv.  Biotron uses pulsating magnetic fields (PMF’s) to help oxygenate your cells, reduce pain and inflammation, and regenerate tissue, using magnetic wave stimulation and positive/negative polarities to concentrate on specific areas.  Device from Germany.

This therapy is available in our bio-energetics department at Sanoviv. This is a biofeedback device used to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak pulse electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system. This promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and can be used for pain relief, reduction of inflammation and improvement of immune system function. It uses pulse biofeedback magnetic wave frequencies using either pulse-guided support, or pre-set programs recommended by your Sanoviv doctor.

Photon Laser Therapy
This therapy is available in our bio-energetics department at Sanoviv.  Infrared rays stimulate your metabolism, promoting the elimination of toxins that accumulate in your cells, such as: carcinogens, heavy metals, toxic substances from processed food, etc.  It helps to stimulate brain waves through alpha waves to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.  It can also reduce pain, regenerate tissue following surgeries, and help with bruises, cellulite, and skin-muscular discomfort.  Device from Germany.

Super Tuning
This therapy is available in our bio-energetics department at Sanoviv. Magnetic waves, laser color and therapeutic frequencies of sound stimulate and scan your energy field and determine what areas of your body requires grounding energy. Sooner or later, most of us experience “deviations” from these natural and health-supporting frequencies.  Super Tuning System is detecting and balancing fundamental switching errors in the organism’s triggering and control system.  Often used for Balancing biological clocks, jet lag, harmonization, sleep issues, etc.  Device from Germany.

Rife Therapy
This therapy is available in our bio-energetics department at Sanoviv. Rife Therapy delivers frequency resonance at the identical intensity known to match with the natural frequency oscillations of the particular microbes and organisms causing the disease in the patient, causing them to distort and disintegrate from their own structural stress.  Electrical impulses work at specific frequencies and the nerve/cell level, to help release toxins from your body.  It also offers many options for pain, stress, and anxiety.

This device stimulates and enhances the microcirculation in the smallest capillaries and vessels, reducing inflammation and pain and promoting healing and proper organ function. It uses a very soft pulsating signal through electromagnetic fields that stimulates micro vessels to optimize blood flow to all tissues and organs. Device from Germany.

MRT – Matrix Regeneration Therapy
Soft connective tissues, often called matrix, can become overloaded by environmental toxins, stress, and inflammation.  The matrix connects the vascular, lymph and nervous system with the organ cells, so when compromised, it can result in chronic conditions, allergies, immune problems, etc. MRT is designed to free the soft connective tissue from environmental and metabolic waste and to strengthen the immune and connective tissue cells.  This medical spa therapy links three holistic methods to one treatment:  petechial suction, rhythmic direct current, and bio-information therapy.