Jonás Gilberto Chong, MA

Supervisor of Psychology and Spirituality Department

“Even since I was a small kid I had a sense of service. Helping others and having empathy towards others has been a big part of my life. I found out later that the best way I could channel these strengths was as a psychologist. Although soon I sensed that the mind and emotions, the focus of my work, did not exist in a vacuum, and that other factors came into play that I had no knowledge of”, says Jonas Chong, the Head of our Psychology and Spirituality Department. “This can be very frustrating when you try your best and yet are lacking critical tools”

“Then all of this changed when I started working at Sanoviv. The idea of a whole team of health professionals working towards one objective, the health of the patient, is pretty amazing. The meeting of the minds and hearts that we have everyday in our meetings at Sanoviv feels like a complete and balanced service to our guests.”

Jonas received his Clinical Psychologist degree from CETYS Universidad and a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the INTEGRO School of Psychotherapy. He has received multiple training in the application of alternative tools for psychological and spiritual support. Among these are: Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Focusing and Emotional Medicine. He has also received training in meditations, class facilitation and workshop development. He has never really been a stranger to the healing arts, as his father is a Pediatric Surgeon and his mother a Pediatric Nurse.

“What I enjoy the most about my work here is that in spite of the inherent nature of being in a team with people who have different perspectives, somehow, we end up consistently reaching a balance point where the whole person is represented and a true healing plan of action can be created.”

“What we do in this breathtaking place does not happen anywhere else in the world. We are a truly integrated team of health professionals who assess and treat the whole human being. This is the medicine of the future. This can be yours today.”