Sanoviv Diet

If you have any special dietary needs, we are happy to accommodate you. Your nutritionist can make adjustments in advance or onsite during your stay.

At Sanoviv, we practice the highest possible level of cellular nutrition to help restore health and wellness for our guests. So, what is “cellular nutrition?”

“It means ensuring that the cells of our body receive all the nutrients they need for performing all cellular functions, repairing and regenerating structures, and preventing oxidative damage.” 

Dr. Myron Wentz, Invisible Miracles

The Sanoviv diet is a whole-food, healing diet that promotes optimal cellular nutrition. It eliminates common food allergens, processed sugars, toxic fats, additives, preservatives, caffeine, and alcohol. The Sanoviv diet includes abundant raw and lightly cooked vegetables (many from our organic garden), green juices, wheatgrass, fermented vegetables, sprouts, legumes, nuts and nut milk, seeds, and some gluten-free whole grains. Fruit is also included since it is essential to a healthy diet. The Sanoviv diet is low-glycemic and ideal for managing blood sugar disorders. Dates, figs, and honey are used minimally as natural sweeteners. Small amounts of high-quality animal protein, such as “wild caught” fish, organic humanely raised poultry, and eggs, are also offered.

The Sanoviv diet includes delicious, nutrient-dense, satisfying foods designed by our chefs and nutritionists. It naturally nourishes your body, reduces inflammation, enhances immune function, balances blood sugar, detoxifies, and revitalizes. Food is beautifully presented to help nourish your spirit and enhance the taste and enjoyment of the overall experience of healing cuisine.

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The Sanoviv diet floods your system with nutrients while offering your body the optimal opportunity to detoxify, regenerate, and heal. Each morsel is designed to be pleasing to the eye and to the taste buds in order to deliver a relaxed and satisfying dining experience. All meals are eaten with the other guests in our main dining room. Your schedule reminds you of the meal, snack, and juice times.

The goal is to cleanse and detoxify the body in order to develop a healthy digestive system, and enable the cells to obtain proper nutrition. Our diet is an integral part of your treatment program as it nourishes the body, reduces inflammation, enhances immune function, balances blood sugar, supports good digestion, and aids in your body’s detoxification.
Juicing is an important part of the nutritional program at Sanoviv. Fresh wheatgrass juice, coconut water, golden milk, green juice, and lemon water are available at various times through the day. You are encouraged to take part in all the different juices and liquids available. They are a critical part of your healing and detoxifying journey.