Fernando Labrada, DC QME


Dr. Labrada toured Sanoviv Medical Institute in 2004 and told himself that someday he would work here. It was amazing how from that day forward everything aligned to make it finally a reality in 2012. He was thrilled to find a medical facility that understood when there is an imbalance or interruption of body balance we experience illness or disease.

He has fit well with the staff and Sanoviv’s philosophy of healing. He states “We strive as physicians to assist the body in regaining its health. We do not heal, the body heals. We do not cure, the body cures. At times the body needs assistance, and that is what we as physicians do. We help the body achieve its normal and optimal state of balance. “

His favorite part of his job is helping the body regain balance and equilibrium so that it can function at its optimum. He helps the body to remove stressors that can bring about imbalance and allow energy to flow – all with the use of tools he has been given and always has with him, his hands, his heart and his mind.

Dr. Labrada with his daughter volunteered with the Flying Samaritans for several years. They went down into Baja, California and provided Chiropractic services for those who could not afford it.

In his spare time, Dr. Labrada loves to bike, hike and roll around with his grandkids.


Doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California
Bachelors Degree in Chiropractic – Universidad del Estado de Mexico
Graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California

Work Experience:

Clinical Rounds in Radiology at Coast Plaza Doctors Hospital in Downey, California
Disability Evaluator for the State of California
Medical Evaluator for California Department of Worker’s Compensation


Disability Evaluator for State of California
Applied Kinesiology
Disability Evaluator for State of California
X-ray supervisor/technician
Emotion Code

Advanced Trainings:

Advanced Kinesiology
Network Spinal Analysis,Full Spine Specific
Neural Emotional Technique
Gonstead, Leander, Thompson,Merick
Body Code
Cox Flexion-Distraction