Laura Haro, MD

Evening Weekend Doctor

Dr. Laura Haro was born in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Received her medical degree at Autonoma University in Baja California, México. She completed her internship in ISSSTECALI, Ensenada; and her social service in a rural community far from city, helping people of all ages, like pregnant women, newborn babies and patients with chronic illnesses who don’t have access to medical care. She also participated by offering free consultation to indigenous and low-income communities through Mobile Clinic. She is currently carrying out critical patient transfers by ambulance in Pacific Critical Care.

She has advanced certifications in basic life support, advanced cardiovascular life support through the American Heart Association as instructor too, and Advanced Trauma Life Support certificated by American College of Surgeons.
“I have learned so far that a good doctor is not one who obtained the best qualifications, but the one who has compassion fo his patients, who gets involved in their lives and presents them with all the available options helping them to make the best decisions. It is for this reason that I understand that the true doctor not only treats deseases or conditions, but is the one who also becomes a fundamental part of the life of each of his patients.”

“The patients are the ones who make us the best doctors and it is we who with our words and actions can make the mountain that is the disease less high, that the light at the end of the tunnel is closer and above all that they feel protected , not vulnerable and helpless.” That’s why I liked the philosophy of Sanoviv about the integration of different methods to help people, because in front of a person we must identify both the physical and psychological causes that can trigger the desease.”