Sanoviv Rewards Program

At Sanoviv, we want to reward you for introducing your friends and family to Sanoviv. Much like receiving frequent flier miles when you use an airline, the Sanoviv Rewards program gives you points for referring people to receive advanced medical treatments at Sanoviv. Your friends will thank you!

Here’s how the Sanoviv Rewards Program works:

  1. Register for the rewards program through your Sanoviv admissions coordinator. Anyone can register and participate, whether you have been a guest at Sanoviv or not.
  1. Tell your friends and family about Sanoviv and encourage them to experience it for themselves. Notify your admissions coordinator of people you are referring so that we are aware they were referred by you.
  1. You receive 50 points for every night a referred guest spends at Sanoviv on a medical program. Rewards points may be redeemed for equivalent dollar credit towards a future stay at Sanoviv. (One point = $1 USD in credit towards a program at Sanoviv.)
  1. You may redeem your Rewards Points at any time (based on availability) for equivalent dollar amounts toward any available program at Sanoviv. They may also be used to purchase spa treatments or supplemental services while a regular guest at Sanoviv. Rewards points may not be used at the Sanoviv Store. Rewards Points may be transferred to a friend or family member to be used toward their stay at Sanoviv.
  1. Your referred guest must be a new contact to Sanoviv and must be visiting for the first time on a medical program. Previous guests, companions, guests booking through a referral company, or guests using an event promotion will not count towards Rewards Points. Daily extensions or non-medical programs are also not eligible. Rewards points are for referring new contacts, so you may not earn points for referring members of your own household. Two individuals may not refer each other.
  1. Your referred guests will have the opportunity to write your name as the person who referred them when they fill out their medical forms. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to inform your admissions coordinator that you referred someone BEFORE they arrive for their program. Rewards points may not be awarded retroactively after a guest has completed his/her stay at Sanoviv.
  1. Sanoviv Rewards Points are available for you to use approximately two weeks after the person you referred completes his/her program.

For information, please call 800.726.6848

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