Francisco Ulloa, MD

Treating Physician with specialty in Homeopathic Therapies

Dr. Ulloa practices medicine from every aspect of a human being, connecting mind, body and spirit. He explains, “I became a Doctor because I wanted to help people reach whole health. There is something very sacred about practicing medicine this way.”

He received his medical degree from the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara”, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in all of México. He has been a certified Homeopathic Medical Doctor (HMD) since 1996. He also has studied Neural Therapy and is a certified NAET practitioner.

“I am very passionate about my work as a doctor. Since I was a child I liked helping people. Since then I knew I wanted to become a doctor. My father is a homeopathic doctor and he had a strong influence on me. As a result, holding the vision of holistic health and healing was very easy for me.”

Prior to his work at Sanoviv, Dr. Ulloa was the Head of a Homeopathy School project for the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.” His first visit to Sanoviv was as a special guest, participating in a joint research project between Sanoviv and the university. He recalls, “Since the first time I came to Sanoviv and saw what they were doing, I felt an immediate connection. I felt I had to return. There is this wonderful energy that I recognized in the staff who work here. This is the same experience I have had, and which my guests refer to as well.”

Elaborating on his experience working at Sanoviv he says, “At Sanoviv we are doing things that other places can only dream of. The result of the combined efforts of the medical, nutrition, psychology, dental and chiropractic staff, the therapeutic strategies that are applied as a true team effort, the education that our guests receive, the spa treatments that support wellness ─ all of this really impacts the health of our patients ─ and we see results! I think that this is something very attractive for every doctor to be able to offer. I think that this is something very attractive for every patient to receive.”