Fitness Department


Fitness and exercise to improve and support health


Assisted Stretching
A static assisted stretching session that is meant to support your health by:

  • Creating a deeper state of relaxation.
  • Maintain range of movement in specific areas of your body.
  • Promote healthy detoxification
  • Improve circulation.

These sessions can be focused on improving your general flexibility or on certain parts of your body for a more specific therapeutic effect.

Fitness Classes

One of the most fun and motivating ways to support your health through exercise and fitness is one of our classes. Our trained fitness experts will guide you during any of our one-hour classes. These classes are set up so there is something for everyone, from motivated beginner to the experienced athlete. We will modify your routine within the class to make sure you receive the best benefit.

Our classes are:

  • Static stretching.
  • Water fitness.
  • Rebounding and resistance class.
  • Dancing class.

Individual Fitness Sessions

Our individual fitness sessions are always based on the specific needs of the guest to support their health and healing. Our Fitness experts can offer a wide range of services in these sessions, like:

Designing a specific exercise program for the guest to follow when they are new to this.
Modifying a current exercise plan if results or expectations are not being met.
Specific therapeutic support in healing any type of lesion or physical deficiency.