Mireya Valdez, CLS, DHA

Director of Hospital Administration

Mireya Valdez is the director of hospital administration at Sanoviv.

 She is responsible for the application of health care regulations, together with her team, she maintains the course of the program processes, performs SWOT analysis and applies the necessary strategies to obtain excellent healthcare quality, also in a multidisciplinary manner, and she works on continuous improvement of programs. She encourage teamwork in healthcare, focusing on patient care. She ensure regular meetings with hospital committees to analyze care and ensure compliance with standards. She promote scientific research, the launch of new tests and regenerative bioengineering for hospitalized patients. She also promote research and development, publishing work in scientific journals to impact global health. She motivate medical staff to contribute to the success and effectiveness of medicine. She is also responsible for networking with the best health professionals in integrative, functional and holistic medicine in order to share knowledge and experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

 Mireya studied at the University of Sonora in Hermosillo where she earned her degree as a Chemist Biologist with a specialty in Clinical Analysis. Later she studied a master’s degree in healthcare management and administration and a doctorate in administration of health institutions. Some additional certifications and skills include: Diploma in Evaluation of the Quality of Healthcare Services, healthcare regulations, leadership and innovation in healthcare, healthcare management, healthcare administration and research; and hospital administration.                      

 Mireya loves working at Sanoviv because they have allowed her to blossom within her passion of overseeing patient’s health and risks while overseeing compliance in all of the institute by coordinating in various committees at Sanoviv, quality inspections, quality audits and Gemba walks.  She strives to find solutions to better manage patient needs and her physicians’ individualized treatments through teamwork.


When Mrs. Valdez is not working or spending time with family and friends, she enjoys reading, listen to podcast that talks about leadership books, traveling, learning and listening to music.