Karla Lelenia Rodríguez

Aftercare Manager

Communications degree, mother of three amazing kids, passionate about aromatherapy with more than 200 hours in international courses.

It’s my pleasure to oversee the Health Stuff Store onsite at Sanoviv, providing health-related items, kitchen preparation tools, books, bio-enegetic equipment, aromatherapy, organic clothing, personal toiletries, and more!  I enjoy helping our guests feel as comfortable as possible during their stay at Sanoviv.  I also help serve as a personal concierge, for long-term guests by:

  • Obtaining items that you forgot or need, and making them available in the store
  • Delivering flowers from loved ones
  • Preparing customized aromatherapy synergy blends
  • Helping you select the perfect items to help you turn your home into a mini-Sanoviv

Please visit the “Health Stuff Store” and take a little piece of Sanvoiv home.