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The increasingly toxic environment of our planet impacts our food, water, air, homes and workplaces.  Toxins are harmful substances that come from living organisms.  For example, mold produces mycotoxins.  Toxicants are synthetic substances that can harm our health, such as pesticides and industrial waste.  All of these contribute to a person’s toxic load and can negatively affect our health.  And, for those whose ability to detoxify is compromised, this increasing toxic load can lead to chronic disease which seriously impacts their lives.

At Sanoviv, we believe that if we can help to lower the toxic load of an individual, it will significantly aid in healing.  With this goal in mind, our facility is located in an area low in environmental toxins, and was built from the ground up with low-toxin construction materials.  Electrical wiring is shielded to lower EMFs.  Pools are chlorine-free.  Our diet is organic. We have our own reverse osmosis water treatment facility on-site.  Furniture, carpets, and other soft furnishings are made from natural fibers rather than synthetics wherever possible.  All this, and more, help to detoxify the body and provide the perfect environment for healing.

Some have been told that they can’t detoxify.  Perhaps they have a genetic condition, such as MTHFR, which compromises certain detox pathways.  But this doesn’t mean they can’t detoxify in other ways.  At Sanoviv, we don’t just rely on one detox method.  We recognize 8 important pathways of detoxification, and work to promote detox using all 8 pathways.

Many popular trends have arisen surrounding detoxification.  People do crash detox diets, or cleanses, thinking they are doing their body a favor.  But, in reality, effective detox happens every day, week in and week out, by avoiding toxins and toxicants in our environment, and pursuing a lifestyle that stimulates the many pathways of detoxification.

Many are surprised that they found healing at Sanoviv, when they had already tried some of the same treatments at home that we do here, with little improvement.  This is because of our whole-body approach to healing, and the synergistic effect of many complementary therapies done at the same time, supervised by experienced professionals, in an environment of detoxification.

The 8 Pathways of Detoxification that we focus on at Sanoviv are: liver, skin, colon, lymphatic, kidney, lungs, energetic detox, and emotional detox.  Read on to learn how we stimulate each one.

  1. Detox through the Liver. The liver is an essential organ that performs over 500 functions in the body. One major function is to filter the blood, identify toxins and toxicants, and change them to a form that is less harmful and can then be more easily eliminated from the body.  It does this in two phases, using enzymes secreted by the liver.  Then, often called phase 3, it releases the modified substances into the blood stream where they can be eliminated by other detox pathways.  At Sanoviv, we support liver function through our detox diet.  Nutrition IVs and supplements, can also stimulate the liver to do its job.  Some have health conditions that reduce or compromise liver detox functions.  Fortunately, there are 7 more detox pathways that can help to eliminate toxins and toxicants that may have accumulated due to poor liver function.
  2. Detox through the Skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and an important pathway for detoxification.  Unfortunately, we can compromise the skin’s ability to perform this important function by wearing synthetic clothing, using certain cosmetics or lotions, and exposing our skin to toxins and toxicants.  At Sanoviv, we help detoxify through the skin by
    • Providing natural fiber, loose-fitting detox clothing for your entire stay. This clothing helps to absorb toxins as they are expelled.  The clothing is laundered for you daily by our friendly housekeeping staff.
    • Thalasso Pools. This is a series of salt-water pools of differing temperatures: a 105°F pool, reflexology stimulation pool, 98°F pool, and a cold plunge. Systematically using these pools can help to open pores and expel trapped toxins.
    • Far-infrared Sauna. This therapy stimulates sweat glands to expel toxins through the skin and is available in our spa.
    • Dry Brushing. This therapy helps open pores, stimulate sweat glands, and get rid of dead cells.  A dry skin brush is included with each medical program with instructions for you to continue to use it at home.
    • Low Toxin Environment. A low-toxin environment helps permit the release of toxins through the skin.  Water from every tap is reverse osmosis filtered and free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine.
  1. Detox through the Colon. When working properly, the digestive system extracts nutrients from food and helps to eliminate toxic waste. Unhealthy eating habits can compromise this important system of the body, promote reactions, and promote the buildup of toxic waste in the colon.  At Sanoviv, we start with an organic, sustainable diet that promotes gut health.  In addition, the following therapies can help to stimulate the release of toxins through the colon.
    • Wheatgrass juice and cleansing green juices are provided regularly to help cleanse and nourish the colon, and help draw toxins out of the body.
    • Enemas, including pure water and coffee enemas, can help to cleanse the lower colon and help reduce toxic build up. Each Sanoviv guest room comes with a built-in enema station for this purpose.
    • Colon Hydrotherapy can also be helpful if recommended by your doctor, and you qualify for this therapy.
  1. Detox through the Lymphatic System. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and capillaries containing a yellowish watery fluid called lymph. This often ignored system is an important part of the immune system and a collection system for waste in the body.  It circulates through body tissues picking up fats, bacteria, and other unwanted materials, and filtering them out through the lymphatic system, kind of like a garbage collection service that picks up your trash and takes it to the dump.  Imagine what your house would look like if you never took out the trash.  Without the lymphatic system, our cells and tissues would suffocate while stewing in their own acidic waste products.  It is also a primary pathway for toxins and toxicants to be collected and eliminated through the liver or kidneys.  Unlike the circulatory system, which is pumped by the heart, the lymphatic system relies on movement through exercise, as well as other outside forces to move the lymph through the body.  At Sanoviv, we stimulate the lymphatic system in the following ways…
    • Lymphatic Massage promotes the healthy flow of lymph throughout the body, helping it to collect, then eliminate waste products. This specialized massage helps to clear pathways that may have been blocked in the lymphatic system.  It can reduce swelling in the lymph area, clear/drain the lymphatic system, and remove waste. It also stimulates the flow of other interstitial fluids in the body, encouraging greater detoxification by pulling out additional toxins that then can be removed by the lymph system
    • This is a mini trampoline that promotes healthy flow in the lymphatic system.  Each guest room at Sanoviv is equipped with a rebounder and guests are encouraged to use them daily.
    • Our fitness department will assess each individual’s fitness capacity, and design fitness recommendations to help support healthy tissues and energize lymphatic flow.  Daily classes provide opportunities for guests to participate in fun group fitness activities.
    • Chi Machine. Each Sanoviv guest room has a Chi machine which guests are encouraged to use twice per day.  It rotates the legs back and forth, stimulating movement throughout your body, and creating a tingling “chi” sensation.  It massages your internal organs, promotes oxygenation, and stimulates release of toxins.  The movement can also aid in movement of lymph through your body.
  1. Detox through the Kidneys. Your kidneys remove any water-soluble waste products, toxins, and excess water from the blood, producing urine which is then eliminated through the bladder. In order for this system to function optimally, drink a sufficient amount of pure water every day as recommended by your Sanoviv doctor.  Sanoviv helps by providing pure, quadruple filtered, water flowing from every tap at Sanoviv.  IVs and supplements and a healthy diet can also help promote healthy detox through the kidneys.
  1. Detox through the Lungs. We usually think of the lungs in connection with its important function of supplying oxygen to the blood.  But, equally important is the elimination of carbon dioxide and other unwanted
    • Sanoviv is located right on the ocean shore, in a rural area away from urban or industrial air pollution. Ocean breezes bring clean fresh air to our facility every day.
    • Deep breathing and relaxation exercises provide an ideal opportunity for lungs to improve function and expel unwanted gas products.
    • Aeromatherapy baths can soothe and help heal lungs.
    • Drinking plenty of pure water helps to improve lung function. Our healthy, nutritious diet also strengthens lungs.
  1. Energetic Detox. Our body is both chemical and electrical (energetic). In our bio-energetic department, various devices use microcurrents, magnets, light, and sound to correct imbalances and improve electrical communication throughout the body.  These devices can also promote the release of toxins and toxicants in multiple body systems.
    Grounding is another therapy that we use at Sanoviv to ground (or discharge) unwanted electrical impulses.
    Excessive EMF exposure can also negatively affect an individual’s health.  At Sanoviv, reducing EMF exposure is a high priority.  We do not permit cell phone use in any public or treatment areas of Sanoviv, including the grounds, lobby, dining room, etc.  Guest rooms do not have Wi-Fi.  This helps our guests to enjoy more relaxing, peaceful sleep.
  1. Emotional Detox. Our emotions can affect our physical health in many ways.  Sometimes negative emotions can become trapped and cause physical disturbances.  So, any attempt to rid the body of toxins must include the elimination of toxic emotions that may be affecting the person.  Our psychology and Mind/Body departments work together to take on this important part of the patient’s healing journey, helping individuals to move past negative emotions to welcome more peace, joy, calm and healing into their lives.

For years, we’ve welcomed guests eager to embrace a more healing environment.  Keeping detoxification as a high priority focus, Sanoviv guests are able to reduce their overall toxic load, which may speed their healing and improve the effectiveness of the many other medical therapies that we do here.  All Sanoviv guests enjoy a treatment program which includes a backdrop of beauty, peace, caring, education, and detoxification. 

For individuals who are otherwise healthy and just want to come to Sanoviv for Detox, check out our Detox & Rejuvenation Program.  


Each program focuses our assessment and treatment tools towards a specific health issue and your individual experience of these health issues, you can find more about our programs here.

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