Guest Testimonials
Our guests are a living testimonial of the Sanoviv experience. Below, you will find real quotes from real guests. Many of our guests make the trip to Sanoviv because a friend or family member recommended our healing facility. Referrals, or word of mouth, are the number one way people find us. In fact, in any given year, about 50% of our guests are repeat visitors. We hope these comments from our past guests will help you to get a feel for the kind of experience they have had. We look forward to welcoming you to Sanoviv.

**DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary from person to person.

Esther P.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
April 5, 2020

I loved all of the staff, the exceptional and very scientifically sound medical care, and time spent talking with all the other patients. I really could fill pages and pages about what I loved about Sanoviv and how grateful I am that I got to go there. The hyperthermia treatments had the most profound impact on my health. All of the treatments before and after the hyperthermia treatments were supportive to this. I was impressed by how planned out and systematic my experience at Sanoviv was. Things were very well organized and there was also flexibility to the schedule as needed. Before going to Sanoviv, I had not been able to tolerate exercise for 17 years. I always felt exhausted like a had a heavy noose around my neck constantly. I was always tired. While at Sanoviv I started exercising for the first time in 17 years and have been exercising ever since then and building up my endurance, which is an incredible breakthrough and gift. For instance, one day I walked up 25 flights of stairs for exercise and another day I ran 25 minutes. Before Sanoviv I could only run 5 minutes and then would be exhausted. Thank you to everyone at Sanoviv. Your care and compassion have had a profound impact on my life and I appreciate you all so much.

Tulsa, OK, USA

Karen G.Assisted Medical Cancer, Surgical Program

5.0 rating
April 3, 2020

All of the services that I received contributed to my recovery. From hyperthermia to the psychology and mind body therapy all changed my life for the better. My health has improved totally and completly. I left with being able to breathe and walk. I have color in my cheeks again and I feel really good. The staff was so welcoming and helpful. The dining staff was great and accommodating. I am not used to eating so healthy, so many veggies. The staff did their absolute best to give me what I wanted and what I really needed. Dr Gonzalez and Dr Ortega were both wonderful. They could explain the issues with compassion and understanding. They answered all of my questions and more than met with my expectations. The nursing staff is some of the finest people I have ever been cared for. They are patient, caring, helpful, highly educated, and compassionate.

Desoto, Kansas, USA

Nancy O.Integrative Physical

5.0 rating
March 17, 2020

I came to make sure I am healthy before trying to conceive. Sanoviv was life-changing. I’ve made changes to my life at home after being inspired by the way Sanoviv does things. The clean, chemical-free environment, the friendly staff, the view, the air, the tranquility and the amazing food. It has absolutely changed my life. Dr Quintero helped me feel at ease about some concerns I had. He reassured me and made me feel a lot better. I have cut out specific foods per doctors orders. I have upped my supplement regiment. I am more mindful of my sleep time and my routine. Yes, I feel that my health has improved.

Morgan Hill, CA, USA

James Z.Integrative Physical

5.0 rating
March 13, 2020

I think that, in my case, the blood testing was extremely important and beneficial to give an overall snapshot of my current health status. My EKG showed a slight irregularity that I will need follow up testing for, so that may have changed my life. Also, I really enjoy and get a lot out of the nutrition counseling. I loved my time with Sue and her presentation on Tuesday night. She is a great resource with awesome recommendations. It is so nice to have everything done in one place and get a chance to discuss the complete findings in the binder with my doctor. Dr. Ulloa was excellent. He was very informative and took the time to answer any questions I had, along with giving me some great feedback to help me live an even healthier lifestyle along with recommending further treatments and care. I absolutely loved the food and the snacks. We are looking to change our diets to more plant based and the exceptional food and presentation at Sanoviv has given us hope that we can do it without compromising taste and variety.

Hilton Head Island, SC, USA

Roger T.Integrative Physical

5.0 rating
March 9, 2020

I absolutely loved it. Although I did not appear to be sick like some of the other patients, there was great value in learning that Im I pretty good shape. For example, I smoked for years and have always been worried about developing lung cancer. My healthy x-rays took care of that concern! Dra. Armonia was awesome. Ive never had a doctor provide such useful information. She combined competency with great caring which is sadly lacking in the US. I enjoyed meeting with her enormously and found her instantly trustworthy. She has a wonderful bedside manner which instantly put me at ease. I really cant say enough good things about her! I loved my Sanoviv experience and plan on returning every year or so for a check up.

Palm Springs, CA, USA

Jolene S.Integrative Physical & Stem Cell Rejuvenation

5.0 rating
March 6, 2020

This was the most amazing experience, from start to finish, the genuine care, dedication, testing, staff—everything ! I have zero second thoughts about going and am truly amazed at what was accomplished in two weeks, compared to the last 8 years at home. I liked the extent of the testing etc., and the care of the entire team of people working on my health. Discovering the issues with my spine and subsequently seeing the orthopedic surgeon (while still at Sanoviv) has made a huge improvement in my pain level and mobility. As well, I am already seeing improvements from the stem cells only 1 month in !!!

Kelowna, B.C. Canada

Leslie M.Integrative Physical & Detox

4.0 rating
March 4, 2020

It changed our lives, helped us heal old wounds that have been festering for many years. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about healing inside and out. How kind and loving all of the staff and doctors were.. I felt like they actually cared about our well being and healing journey.
I was able to get answers on some health issues that no one could figure out. I also found things that I didn’t know i had. Love everything in the quiet room!. Seaweed wrap was awesome . Raymondo was amazing. The Body coding with both Karen and Jenny were extremely powerful. Had huge healing experiences with both of them. Loved Dr. Rodriguez, she is just amazing…

Cambria, CA, USA

Jolene S.Stem Cell Rejuvenation & Surgery

5.0 rating
March 4, 2020

This was the most amazing experience, from start to finish, the genuine care, dedication, testing, staff–everything! I have zero second thoughts about going and am truly amazed at what was accomplished in two weeks, compared to the last 8 years at home. Discovering the issues with my spine and subsequently seeing the orthopedic surgeon (while still at Sanoviv) has made a huge improvement in my pain level and mobility. As well, I am already seeing improvements from the stem cells only 1 month in !!! Before coming, I had lots of pain throughout spine, hips- fatigued 6/7 days, and many other side effects from the medication. While I am still healing, there is pretty much zero pain anymore, just soreness–which is amazing. I have been sleeping better, waking up a lot more refreshed and I have noticed an increase in my energy levels. As well, my anxiety and depression is the best it has been in years! My experience actually exceeded my expectations! Going through surgery alone, in another country where I don’t speak the language is intimidating, and yet was the best surgical experience I’ve had. 100% due to the genuine care and kindness of the staff, and their attentiveness. I actually felt like people cared about me getting better for the first time.

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Brooke R.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
March 2, 2020

It was a very good experience. I’m happy with the care I received and will refer people. The most beneficial part was the hyperthermia. Before going to Sanoviv I felt awful! I had been sick for years and couldnt figure out what was wrong despite seeing many doctors and holistic practioners. Now, I am feeling much better! Everything was great. Love Dr Armonia!

Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA

Sergei K.Detox & Rejuvenation Program

4.0 rating
February 25, 2020

The environment, all of the staff was truly amazing and the food was delicious and plentiful. It’s hard to pinpoint one specific treatment. I feel the benefit of the combined treatments working together. Great place to visit for overall health improvement but does have some things that can be improved upon. I came for a tune-up. Thank God I’m in great health. I enjoyed the stay last year with my parents and this time came with my wife to go through the detox and rejuvenation program. Feel great, again more aware and informed about the benefits of keeping a healthy diet.

Poway, California, USA

Daphne L.Medical Program

5.0 rating
February 20, 2020

The comprehensiveness of the whole thing. I had done almost everything that Sanoviv offers before, but never all in the same two week period, with no workhome life to focus on. It made a difference. I think that the anti-viral shots have made a difference, I know that the confirmation of being dehydrated and what to do about it has been helpful. I loved the overwhelming attention to detail, everywhere. How the doctors got to interact with patients and their other care providers almost daily, how the kitchen staff carefully took care of every patient… My energy levels have improved a lot.

Seattle, WA, USA

Ashley T.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
February 14, 2020

I loved everything. But if I had to pick one aspect it would be the coordination and thoroughness of caremeaning the constant communication between practitioners on a daily basis and the extent to which my primary treating physician took the time to read through my past and current medical records. Second would be the world class care and domain expertise in Lyme and co infections. Tertiary would be how everyone acted with patience and understanding and never made me feel bad about how difficult I was being. As a hyper sensitive patient with neurological and nervous system issues the entire staff could not have dealt with me in a more perfect way. The entire staff exceeded all my expectations. Upon request, Id be more than happy to provide a full written testimonial of my experience. The most beneficial aspects of the medical care and treatments was receiving all supporting treatments in COMBINATION within a controlled and monitored environment to help remain stable during the process. This is what Sanoviv has to offer that patients typically cannot receive anywhere else as most treatments are given one at a time in various outpatient settings and not in unison. The treatment that made the most impact to my health was by far the Hyperthermia.

Bentleyville, OH, USA

Brian D.Cancer Treatment Program

5.0 rating
February 12, 2020

I came for Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. My PSA was 318 and now it is 3.6. It was beyond expectations. Every person there is very concerned and attentive. The place has a personal touch and is calm.

Coulee, MB, Canada

Cheralyn L.Detox & Rejuvenation

5.0 rating
February 11, 2020

Sanoviv is the only truly integrative, functional medicine, state-of-the-art program model created for the health of the whole person. I know of no other program as comprehensive for treating illness and supporting health and wellness. I am in awe! The life saving Sanoviv stories I heard about recovery and prevention leave me frustrated with American medicine AND so grateful for what you are doing. It was a fantastic week of education for me. Cholesterol is lowered, energy is back, brain feels clear, stress is greatly reduced

Ponte Vedra, Florida, USA

Hildie N.Detox & Rejuvenation

5.0 rating
February 11, 2020

It was a lifetime experience for me. I loved the staff, the guests, and the bond everyone had. I had been pretty positive before I came, but this was so nurturing and refueling that I came home energized.

Englewood, CO, USA

Laura G.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
February 10, 2020

Sanoviv is a medical facility that provided whole body healing. I was able to completely relax and unplug for 2 weeks while being cared for on every level … physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The staff go above and beyond to meet your every need and everyone is so positive. The location is beautiful so I didnt feel like I was in a hospital. I love that everything you need to have done is all in one location and thoughtfully scheduled out. I liked the amazingly friendly, professional and competent staff of workers, nurses and doctors. The delicious food. And the gorgeous location!

Batavia, IL, USA

Robin W.2-Week Medical Program

5.0 rating
February 10, 2020

I was more than impressed with the whole body approach. I’m already noticing a drastic improvement on how I feel over all.

Yellowhead County, AB, Canada

Yu Ting S.Stem Cell Rejuvenation

5.0 rating
February 6, 2020

I like it very much. comfortable and relaxing. The psychology consultation touched me most this time.

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Abe H.Detox & Rejuvenation

5.0 rating
February 5, 2020

Your service was excellent. The massages plus the quiet room made the most difference. Above my expectation, we enjoyed visiting with other patients. I do feel better by rejuvenation.

Orrville, OH, USA

Barbara C.Medical Treatment Program

5.0 rating
February 3, 2020

Sanoviv was the most comprehensive, all encompassing program I have experienced. The setting by the ocean added a lot of comfort and energy. All of it was very good. It is hard to say what was the most helpful. Probably the mind/body and psychology work. I do feel equipped to do the work of the aftercare to clear the toxins of mold and lead even though I know it will be gruelling at times. I am thankful to have the ability to work with my physician and nutritionist for the next 6 months. I came to Sanoviv with stage 4 adrenal fatigue. Immediately after leaving Sanoviv I had great energy. The first 3 days I did about 12,000 steps each day which is more than my normal. I feel stronger and have more energy but since I am on an ongoing detox program to clear the lead and mold I have days when I feel tired.

Mackenzie, BC, Canada

Thomas A.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
February 3, 2020

I had a very positive experience at Sanoviv, mostly because of the professionalism of the staff. They were affable and professional at the same time. I was also impressed with the attention to detail and cleanliness. I learned a lot about Lyme from my doctor, a lot about nutrition from my nutritionist and generally learned anout health.

San Francisco, CA, USA

Matthew M.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
January 31, 2020

I went to Sanoviv for the Lyme treatment. The two hyperthermia treatments made the most impact on my health. I noticed an immediate improvement in my brain fog and energy levels. It did not immediately cure me, but I know it can take some time to see lasting results. Everything at Sanoviv exceeded my expectations. The food and service were excellent, the location was beautiful, and the sense of community that I felt among the other patients was something I did not expect to find at a medical facility. The doctors and other Sanoviv staff that I worked with were very knowledgeable. Every appointment I had was comprehensive. The nurses were extremely warm, helpful, professional and welcoming. The front desk workers were all very accommodating. My experience at Sanoviv was the best medical experience I have ever had.

South Boston, MA, USA

Mark E.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
January 31, 2020

The best thing was just the overall care. Feeling of safe, very accomodating.

Wheatley, ON, Canada

Rachel T.Lyme Program with Hyperthermia

5.0 rating
January 28, 2020

This place is amazing! I love how the Drs all work together.

Sugar Creek, OH, USA

Lezley W.Cancer Treatment Program

5.0 rating
October 22, 2019

I have never in my life experienced this level of caring professionalism and compassion. The kindness and truth provided a space for me that inspite of my stay being cut short it was transformational. And life changing. The premises were immaculate , and the food was exceptional. Every health care provider surpassed any expectation. Even when I had to leave early the process was handled honestly and ethically… truly , there is not one thing I liked best. My intention is to return when im stronger and i am highly recommending Sanoviv to everyone i see. Thankyou! I’m trying to hold that sacred peace and acceptance in my heart up here in Canada moment by moment. Unless you have experienced it you cannot know it….Thank you. I have never recieved such genuine compassion and caring. Everywhere… my doctor … the kitchen staff and the front desk and the gal from billing … this level of consistent kindness is totally life changing.

Coldstream, BC, Canada

Kenneth T.Stem Cell Rejuvenation Program

5.0 rating
January 22, 2019

“It is difficult to pick just one favorable feature but i would say i was overwhelmed about the professionalism and the care that was extended by the entire staff at sanoviv. The week at sanoviv, including the hands on demonstration of how important diet is to overall health and vitality, has been a total life changing experience. I came for stem cell rejuvenation of the treatment of parkinsons disease with mild to advanced hand tremors and fatigue. I now have minimal hand tremors and reserves of energy that i have not experienced for a long time. i expect that the tremors will continue to diminish as i get mentally and physically stronger and as the stem cells strengthen the dopamine producing neurons.”

Boise, ID, USA

Carol G.Stem Cell Rejuvenation Program

5.0 rating
January 21, 2019

“Made me feel cared for by each professional I met. Staff are well trained and eager to share their knowledge.”

Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

Koyka K.Cancer Treatment Program

5.0 rating
January 15, 2019

“Integrated approach to healthcare and the staff – doctors, nurses and support staff. Very good healing environment. Energy is improved and no pain. All services and treatments i had were excellent.”

Chicago, IL, USA

Elaine D.Integrative Physical / Medical

5.0 rating
December 24, 2018

“I felt so safe and peaceful at Sanoviv. The staff were all so supportive and friendly. Not only did it give me my life back, but changed it in so many positive ways. More energy, more empowered, more ambition. I never felt hungry and enjoyed foods i didn’t think i liked. I am very excited about getting the recipes so i can continue this kind of diet at home. My doctor absolutely met my expectations, plus.”

Shelton, WA, USA

Gunal I.Integrative Physical

5.0 rating
December 23, 2018

“Great to get a clear picture of my status of health. The Sanoviv experience as a whole changed my life rather than a specific treatment or therapy. It gave me the courage and motive to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I am feeling much better since i changed my diet by limiting sugar and gluten intake.”

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cheryl B.Medical Treatment Program

4.0 rating
December 20, 2018

“I loved the staff, they are so friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor as Dr. Armonia Rodriguez was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. The food was wonderful and i learned so much. The view and the the rooms were beautiful. My appointments with Dr. Rodriguez, massage, psychologist appointments, learning more about healthy eating. I came for recovery after cancer treatments. It was a chance of a lifetime. I now have more energy, less inflammation, and encouraged to take home what I’ve learned and implement.”

Appleton, WI, USA

Sonya M.Lyme & Chronic Infectious Disease

5.0 rating
December 17, 2018

“Sanoviv was an experience where every part of me was addressed together – whole body! A beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to promote healing, as well as having the perfect balance of alternating pleasant treatments around those treatments that could be more tough. I was in very bad shape from Lyme and co-infections. Now, I am better by a few notches, and I am hopeful… Before coming there I had started to lose sight of that possibility. I know I am now on the slow road to recovery.”

Cody, WY, USA

Brian M.Lyme & Chronic Infectious Disease

5.0 rating
October 23, 2018

“It’s impossible to say what was the most beneficial, but I think that is a good thing. The hyperthermia I believe had the biggest impact on my disease. But it was the cross functional treatments that made the experience so positive. All were equally helpful in their own way. The kindness of the people. The facility was clean and beautiful. Life changing. My Lyme disease made me unable to think, work, or participate in family activities. Now, I feel almost entirely recovered.”

Newburyport, MA, USA

Susan W.Cancer Treatment Program

4.0 rating
October 17, 2018

“Sanoviv for me was an intense, engaging, thorough experience which addressed my Stage 4 cancer on multiple levels simultaneously. It instilled confidence and optimism, as it introduced me to many new treatment modes in the context of a hugely supportive community of staff and fellow patients. The level of involvement and accessibility were outstanding, with flexibility as required when aspects of the program didn’t fit me. ”

San Jose, CA, USA

Thomas StewartLyme & Chronic Infectious Disease

5.0 rating
July 1, 2017

“ My Sanoviv experience was extraordinary because under one roof, it provided an integrative and holistic approach to healing and wellness that simultaneously treated the body, mind and spirit. The entire staff from top to bottom was very professional, efficient, eternally kind and attentive to whatever needs I had during my busy daily schedule of medical treatments and detox therapies. The two extended hyperthermia sessions to treat my ongoing Lyme disease were the main event for me. Time will tell how effective it was in eliminating the persistent Lyme, but I already feel much improved. So many of my symptoms are gone or are much diminished. A huge part of my treatment plan focused on detoxification and boosting immune function. I now feel totally cleansed and feel that I have accelerated the healing process on my journey back to wellness. UPDATE: I brought my son for Lyme treatment in October 2017, we are both feeling really great after our 107.6F hyperthermia sessions. It seems the high temps killed the Lyme bacteria. We are both getting stronger by the week. We love Sanoviv and I think about my experience there every single day.”

Penobscot, Maine, USA

* DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary from person to person.  There is no guarantee of specific outcomes or results.