Danielle Aguíñiga, MD

Treating Physician

Born and raised in California, studied medicine, and received her Medical Doctor degree from Universidad Xochicalco Campus Tijuana.
She did her internship in Tijuana and her social service/community rural practice in Sonora both of these experiences were great in learning how to deal with all sorts of medical issues.

She started working in Sanoviv in 2001, this was her first contact with holistic medicine, which made a lot of sense given that medical school teaches about a balance between psycho-social, biological and nutrition and all of that happens here for patients.
Attended training in bioenergetic medicine.

Got her diploma in clinical nutrition from the Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Tijuana in 2004.
In 2008 she received her certification in Functional medicine & AFMCP by the Institute of Functional Medicine.
In 2009 she got her diploma in Hospital administration from Universidad Xochicalco campus in Tijuana, this gave her a perspective on how unique is Sanoviv.

2011 got her diploma in Neural therapy, from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.
2013 Diploma in Palliative care and pain management by the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
2018 Studied administration of clinical studies in Latin America in the UCSD.
2019 Diploma in Neurosciences of Wellness by the institute of Estudios Contemplativos.
2022 Diploma in neurobiology of behavior by Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxacala.
2023 Diploma in Tanatologia Clinica hospitalaria by the San Rafael School in la Ceja Colombia.

My interests in the training that I have chosen are the result of working in a holistic hospital environment that acknowledges that humans are the result of in part what is inherited but most of all, of what is done in daily lives, meals, creativity, and interaction with others.