María de Lourdes Gallardo, PT

Bioenergetics | Quiet Room

My name is María de Lourdes Gallardo, at Sanoviv my short name is Marilu. I have been a part of this amazing vision of Dr. Wentz for almost 17 years. My family is formed of three amazing sons, Dagoberto (26), Carlos (24) and Marcos (9), to whom I owe so much of my inspiration and love for life.

I am a certified Physical Therapist, also certified in Bio-Energetics devices such as Ondamed, Equiscope, VegaTest Expert/Vega Check/Vega Audiocolor/Vega Select, Auriculotherapy and Magnetic therapy. Ever since my first day at Sanoviv in june 2003, I took forward to coming to this beautiful healing facility where I have become family with all my coworkers, and I honor the opportunity to assist and give my 100% to the guest that trust their lives and health in our hands, coming from so many far distances.

I have had the privilege of receiving training here at Sanoviv on devices that offer prevention and cellular regeneration as to help deal with health concerns where we can reach and approach the root cause of the illness, and receive/give preventative treatments, and have learned so much over the years on how to enhance out cellular health and the one of my loved ones.

The whole premises are toxicity-free, magnificent panorama, sunsets here are astonishing. Every day of my life here are worth every minute lived, every minute here is an investment for me.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Wentz and all my supervisors for their leading hanf towards a greater level of Integrity, knowledge and health.