By Dr. Fernando Labrada

In the previous article there remained an open question as to “Why Can’t the Body Repair What Is Wrong With It”. The question arose from the fact that each cell in our body has the blueprint of how the entire body was formed as well as the instructions for its specialized function(s) and that as such, it should be able to correct and/or repair what is dysfunctioning.

We can cut to the chase and come out and say, “This is Why”, but that would make this a very short series and wouldn’t necessarily be accurate. So rather than take the short route let’s explore a little and discover the wonders that make us, us.

We are designed by nature to be flexible and adaptable. That flexibility and adaptability is one of the things that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is our flexibility and adaptability that allows us to live and survive and even thrive in different situations that we may encounter in this journey we call, life.  Many times we are subjected to conditions that challenge us, emotionally/mentally, chemically and physically. We can place these under the general category of STRESS(ORS). When we are functioning properly we handle these challenges quite efficiently but, then there are some challenges that we don’t handle well and that becomes the focus of, “Why Not”.

Let’s look at a small example of how the body heals itself.

Just about everyone at some point in their life experiences a cut, a blister, a scrape or some other similar event. Did you ever stop to really look and analyze at the way your body takes care of that injury? It doesn’t ask for your permission to do what it inherently knows it needs to do. It may or may not bleed, depending on how deep the injury is, either way, it initiates the healing process by initiating an inflammatory response In proportion to the injury, this process brings in all the “Stuff” needed to heal and repair the area.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may or may not notice all the components of the “orchestra” in play. You may see a red ring form around the injured area walling off the area to contain the damage and any pathogens that may have entered. You may have noticed the increase in temperature of the injured area. This isn’t only due to the increase of blood flow but it’s the body‘s way of fighting pathogens by literally making it too hot for their survival. You may eventually see and/or feel a scab forming all the while an “orchestra” of things is occurring on the inside.

There are several battalions of soldiers involved in the repair process. The construction battalion is repairing the damaged tissue, laying down new fibers, with which to “stitch” the “torn” material. It reestablishes new communication links or repairs existing ones. Another battalion is taking care of triage by cleaning up and bringing order to the chaos, another battalion is arresting, incarcerating and executing the invaders that dared to enter restricted space. The kitchen battalion is bringing nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals to assist in the repair activities. All of this going on without a single thought by you, of how it’s to be done, in what order it’s to be done and how fast.

Just as this simple example demonstrates the body’s repair response, so also, it occurs with other events that take place to and within the body. Once again we come back to the initial question, then “why can’t the body repair all damage that occurs.” It does, within the restrictions that we have placed on it.

Right about now you are thinking:

Restrictions!….. What are you talking about? …… I haven’t placed any restrictions on my body’s repair directives!……  Or have I ???   We’ll take a look at the answer to that question in the next part. Along the way we will also answer questions that have been posed by our readers. We just want to establish a foundation so that we are all on the same page.