by Daniela Colin MD & Sue Ward, MS


Aging is a natural process that begins the minute we are born.  Organism aging is noted by the body’s declining ability to respond to stress and the increased risk of disease.  Cellular aging occurs due to damage to our cell membranes by different aggressor agents.  If we consider aging as a disease, then it is treatable.

There are several scientific theories that attempt to explain aging, however, we know that in addition to our bodies being exposed to damaging agents, our internal processes produce waste products, so our bodies need to be able to effectively detoxify and eliminate in order to achieve optimal balance with all cellular functions. This requires proper energy and nutrients which is provided by our food intake.  When we are nutrient-depleted and not eating a healthy diet, we may suffer cellular damage or an impaired ability to repair and detoxify tissues.  When we are over exposed to damaging toxins from our food, environment, stress, and lifestyle, our body’s repair systems cannot keep up and thus structural and functional damage occurs.

Here are some tips that help to prevent and repair damage to your cells:

1)     Increase organic vegetables and fruits in your diet.  These foods are nutrient dense and especially high in antioxidants. Consider juicing as an option including plenty of green juices and perhaps wheat grass juice.

2)     Improve your diet by focusing on eating whole foods while avoiding processed convenience foods that are loaded with cell-damaging ingredients.

3)     Stay physically active!  Exercise improves blood flow to all tissues, increases the body’s metabolism, helps to maintain good energy and assists with detoxification of harmful substances through regular sweating.

4)     Drink plenty of pure, clean water to maintain good cellular hydration.

5)     Get good quality, refreshing sleep each night.  This allows your body time to detoxify, repair and build a strong immune system.

You may consider some therapies offered by local integrative health clinics:

Intravenous glutathione is an antioxidant therapy that neutralizes harmful free radicals that are damaging to our cells.  Free radicals are formed during normal metabolic processes. Glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant, also increases the amount of vitamin E and C in the body.  The more effectively our body scrubs excess free radicals from our system, the slower we age biologically.

Ozone therapy consists of three atoms of oxygen that act as “supercharged oxygen.” As an anti-aging therapy, it stimulates increased uptake and utilization of oxygen by stimulating the increased formation of anti-oxidant enzymes, as well as the enzymes responsible for the release of oxygen at the cellular level. These enzyme deficiencies are often at the root of most chronic disease and are the same enzymes that become depleted as a result of the aging process.  Ozone therapy should be applied in a medical setting and should not be inhaled (some home air filters emit ozone–these are not recommended).


Detoxification and Healthy Living programs consist of a variety of therapies designed to detoxify your body and educate you about healthy living in today’s toxic world.  Such programs offer sauna therapy, organic cleansing diets, juicing, colon hydrotherapy, meditation and relaxation, massage and other spa therapies as well as optimal rest in a non-toxic, healing environment.

Consider these tips for staying young and healthy as you enjoy a vibrant life!

 “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of
opportunity and strength”
(Betty Friedman)

 Submitted by Sanoviv Medical Institute, Rosarito BC, Mexico.
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