Jamie and Chris Arnall 2011

     It was 1998, and I was a mere 24 years old.  After a series of tests, a few misdiagnoses, and many questions, my doctor looked at me and said, “You have Multiple Sclerosis.”  I wondered how that could be possible.  Multiple Sclerosis?  This had to be a mistake!!  It did not matter that I had been a nurse for five years, and was confident in caring for my patients, many of whom had MS themselves.  It was ME about whom the doctor was talking.  Needless to say, I did my best to ignore the diagnosis and ran in the opposite direction for about the next eighteen months.   I even referred to the disease as “It,” refusing to call it by its proper name.  I just could not bring myself to say the words…Multiple Sclerosis.  I believed that I would run until I could run no more, and maybe, just maybe, I could outrun “It.”

I continued to muddle through life, making small efforts now and then to find out more about MS, and even trying, on occasion, to follow a lifestyle that might slow down its effects.  Then I heard about Sanoviv Medical Institute.  Given the opportunity to visit and seek treatment at Sanoviv just three and one half years ago, I found a little piece of Heaven.  I received great care, treatment and education.  I began to incorporate what I learned while there into my everyday life, and was amazed at the results.  By this time, I had earned my Masters in Nursing Administration, and the holistic approach to medical treatment Sanoviv offered was something about which I definitely wanted to learn more.

What makes Sanoviv different from other treatment facilities?  To begin with, each patient is assigned his/her own medical team comprised of a medical doctor, psychologist, dentist, structural doctor, fitness expert, nutritionist and various spa personnel, all working together to assist each individual to maintain a healthy life style, both physically and mentally.  The doctors at Sanoviv are among the best and practice not only traditional, but functional medicine.  Nothing has affected change in my life and way of thinking like my visits there.

A little more than one year ago, via Sanoviv telephone conference, I learned about a new procedure called CCSVI, originated by Dr. Paolo Zamboni of Italy, which was offering wonderful results for many people living with MS.  One of the doctors from Sanoviv actually went to Italyand trained under Dr. Zamboni, and they were now offering it there, at my little piece of Heaven.  I scheduled the procedure and secured three weeks at Sanoviv, which would also allow me to participate in their Neuro Repair program.  That was in August of 2010.  It was life changing.  My results have been phenomenal.  My fine motor skills are gradually returning and I continue to advance physically.  I have had two follow-up appointments and at my last one, I received some of the best news possible.  My neurologist said I am quite a success story.  I am continuing to improve and he encouraged me to continue to work out daily to strengthen my muscles.  My blood flow is optimal and there is no turbulence, poor drainage, or back flow in my neck veins where the angioplasty was performed.

One thing is certain, Sanoviv and its amazing team of professionals have changed my life for the better, and I am extremely grateful!  I would not be where I am today, physically or emotionally, if it were not for Sanoviv and the vision of its founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, doctors and staff.

Jamie L. Stinson Arnall, RN, MSN