Medical Care

Sanoviv Medical Therapies

At Sanoviv, we are pleased to offer an extensive array of proven therapies from around the world.  No hospital or clinic anywhere provides the wide range of therapies, detoxification treatments, and state-of-the art therapeutic equipment as you will find at Sanoviv Medical Institute.

Each medical program begins with a thorough diagnostic evaluation.  You will be assigned a medical doctor, nutritionist, chiropractor, psychologist, biological dentist, fitness therapist, and more.  These professionals meet daily to assess and cooperate in each patient’s customized treatment program.  The goal of this integrative approach is to get to the root cause of your problem, not just to treat symptoms.

Every individual is different.  So, in addition to having the widest selection of available therapies, it’s also important to have expert, caring physicians and medical professionals who can help you to cut through the confusion and recommend the best therapies for your individual health condition, to provide the best possible outcome.

Here are a few of the cutting-edge therapies available at Sanoviv:



Alpha Lipoic Acid IV

Amygdalin (B-17) Therapy

Anti-Angiogeninic Therapy

Aromatherapy treatments & Massage

Artesunate IV

Avazzia Rejuvenation

Bio Energetic Therapies

Biological Dentistry

Body Code Therapy

Cancer Surgical Procedures

Cell Therapy

Chi Therapy

Chiropractic Treatments

Colon Hydrotherapy

Cox 2 Inhibitors


Dendritic Cell Vaccine

Dental Amalgam Removal

Dental Repair/Crowns (Biological)

Dental Surgeries (Biological)

Enema Therapy

Enzyme Therapies

Fitness Programs

Glutathione IV



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HOT)

Hyperthermia (Regional & Whole Body)

Immune Modulation Therapies


IPT – Insulin Potentiated Therapy

IV Chelation

Low Dose Chemo

Lymphatic Massage

Major Autohemotherapy with UV

Meyer’s Cocktail IV

MRT – Matrix Regeneration Therapy

Mycoplasma Vaccine

Neospringer Vaccine

Neural Therapy

Nutrition Therapy (low glycemic, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free diet, plus daily juice)

Onda-med Therapy

Orthomolecular Medicine

Ozone Therapy

Pain Management (Advanced)


Photo-dynamic Therapy

PK Protocol

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Psychology – Stress Relieving Therapies

Rectal Insufflation Ozone

Reiki Therapy

Rife Therapy

Sodium Bicarbonate IV

Superimmune IV

Surgical Procedures – Tumor Removal, etc.

Targeted Cancer Therapy


Therapeutic Massage

Transfer Factor (live)

Tumor Vaccines

Viral Therapies

Vitamin C IV (high-dose, non-corn)