Body Code

Body Code

The Body Code is a state-of-the-art healing technique developed by a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson. He teaches that true health means being in balance in six different ways:

Energies – Circuitry – Toxicity – Pathogens – Structural – Nutritional

The Body Code allows the practitioner to identify specific problems and then work to remove them. Your subconscious mind is like an intelligent computer system of your body; it knows what you need to achieve balance in these six critical areas of health. The practitioner uses specific questioning, charts, and muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to get answers from your subconscious to address imbalances in your body. These imbalances are often “trapped emotions” that become part of the body’s physiology and can affect the physical body’s ability to heal and fight illness.

To release an energetic imbalance, the Body Code combines two essential elements: therapeutic magnets and some principles of Chinese Medicine. The magnet acts as a carrier for your practitioner’s intention to correct the imbalance in your body. When that magnetically-charged, intentional energy is directed to your body, it releases negative emotions or restores balance to the energy circuit. This procedure is non-invasive and pain-free.

The Body Code has helped many people create a profound shift in their physical and emotional well-being. It’s now an essential part of all Sanoviv medical programs. You don’t need to know too much about how it works – you need to be ready and willing to heal. Leave the rest up to your knowledgeable and capable certified practitioner.


Each program focuses our assessment and treatment tools towards a specific health issue and your individual experience of these health issues, you can find more about our programs here.

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