A sauna is an excellent tool for home detoxification. Sanoviv has several infrared saunas available for our guests.

Detoxifying the body of wastes, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals is one of the reasons many people choose Sanoviv as a place to heal and learn about their health.  Dr. Francisco Ulloa, our Chief of Medical Staff, offers these ways to detoxify your body at home without endangering your health on a “fad cleanse” that may not give you the nutrients you need to be your best self.

Follow these recommendations for one week and you will be cleaner, your toxic load will be lighter, and your body will have an opportunity to operate in a much healthier manner.

  1. Follow an elimination diet.  Remove gluten, soy, dairy, and sugar entirely from your menu.  Including one day with only liquid intake is recommended.  Make a special effort to eat organic foods so you are not adding pesticides and other chemicals to your body while trying to detox.
  2. Give yourself a daily enema – preferably with coffee to clean and invigorate your colon.
  3. Sweat.  Exercise as much as possible, take saunas if you have one available.  Your goal is for the sweat to pour down your body, cleansing and clearing as it flows.  As you wipe or hose down the sweat, remember to start at your feet, working up to the heart.

While many people lose weight during this detox, the primary goal is to cleanse and revive your digestive, circulatory, and natural waste elimination systems.