At age 18, our body engines are often in prime shape

As a piece of engineering, the human body is a marvel.  It maintains its balance even while executing complicated movements; it senses and adapts to heat and cold.  Every twenty seconds, it circulates blood through even its most far-flung extremeties.  It has cells capable of replacing wounded tissue, finding and destroying dangerous invaders, and interconnecting to product thoughts and emotions.  Utilizing all these functions, our bodies – and all living systems – can accomplish tasks far more sophisticated and dynamic than any artificial entity yet designed by humans.  ~ Harvard Magazine, May – June 2011

In many ways are bodies are like a highly complex engine. It rebuilds and runs itself all the time from whatever we feed it in the form of foods, drinks, medicine, food supplements, etc.  Sometime we may feed it things that interfere in its rebuilding and running process.  Other times we may feed it things that are deficient in the ingredients it needs to be efficient.

Did you know your body is just like a car? Both need fuel to run! A car needs gas to make it go and you need food to make you go. Your body burns food just like a car burns fuel. Food you eat provides you with nutrients that help your body work right. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. It is the best time to re-fuel your engine. “Break-fast” means that you are breaking the fast from not eating while you sleep. Just like a car, if your body doesn’t get enough fuel, it won’t work.   ~Stephanie K. Swinerton, R.D.

The body is like a heat engine because it cycles energy into different forms and degrades it in the process:  the body is not like a heat engine because it can use energy to repair itself and to reproduce. ~N. Katherine Hayles

And one really great article here:  on how exercise revs up your ‘engine’ and what happens after only two minutes.

Healthy oils, clean fuel, regular tune-ups (detoxify your body), check ups (integrative physical, anyone?), and a mechanic you trust (check out our Sanoviv treating professionals) will keep all types of engines in tip top shape and running for much longer than many others.