Human Body – By Dr. Fernando Labrada

One of the first systems to form in the developing embryo is the central nervous system composed of the brain and the spinal cord.

From there the rest of the body is formed. As each part forms it takes part of the nervous system with it, much like taking silly putty and stretching it out till it gets thinner and thinner. So thin in fact as to have it be thinner than a thin strand of hair.

The body at conception has a plan as to the development and growth of the body that it is forming. It received that plan from your mother and father. It sliced and diced the information it received from both parents and combined to the final state of “instructions” that it develops into the YOU that you will be. That instruction sheet is imprinted or engrained into each cell. So much so that each individual cell has the entire blueprint, if you will, of the whole body. Similar if you will to the halographic theory that holds that a piece of the halogragh contains the entire image of the whole. So it is with the human body or rather the cells that make up the human body. Each one containing the instructions to the whole as well as the individual instructions for their particular specialization. One would think that if the body contains the information on how it was put together that it would also have the same information as to how to correct any dysfunctions that may arise. It does! The question then arises, Why Can’t The Body Repair What is Wrong with it?

This is one of the questions to be explored in this continuing series.