Taking care of your mouth equals taking care of your body. The more steps you can incorporate into your routine, the cleaner your mouth will be.

Please do not believe misleading television advertisements that suggest using mouthwash alone is enough to combat periodontal infection.

1. Brush with a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush (if recommended).

Using a pea size amount of natural toothpaste fluoride free (Sanoviv recommends USANA Natural Toothpaste) on your toothbrush is an excellent tool for removing food, plaque and germs. Always use a soft toothbrush, the required time for a manual cleaning takes 3 to 5 min.

2. Floss.

Gently slip the floss through each contact. Pulling the floss below the surface is not recommended, flossing takes less than 1 min. Do not damage delicate gum tissue with overly vigorous flossing.

3. Use a tongue scraper.

The coating on the back of the tongue harbors many microbes, by scraping off this coating, the microbes protective shield is remove, 2-3 scrapes is enough. The coating at the back of the tongue is where most of bad breath originates, brushing the tongue removes only a small amount of the coating.

4.  Use an oral irrigator. (PerioScript is recommended)

An oral irrigator is a miniature showerhead that delivers cleansing solution below the gum-line, irrigating reaches into places that a brush and floss cannot go and it will eliminate the microbes that the previous steps have disrupted. This step takes less than 2 minutes.

5.  Rinse with a natural mouthwash. (PerioClear is recommended)

If you rinse with a mouthwash free of alcohol it will not dehydrate delicate tissue, the essential oils and herbs coat your entire mouth with a solution that discourages the growth of microbes and nurtures the healing process.

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