Sanoviv guest room - each one has a rebounder and a GREAT view


Every guest room at Sanoviv offers a rebounder, or mini trampoline, to improve your health.  Rebounding stimulates our lymph system, increasing the number of white blood cells and encouraging more effective waste removal from our bloodstream.  This post is the first of a series about the benefits of rebounding and why you should be taking care of your lymphatic system.

The lymph (also called interstitial fluid) is the extra-cellular fluid that bathes each cell, transports nutrients to the cells, and takes waste products away from the cells. Healthy lymph is clear and flows through the lymphatic vessels freely.  There is over four times as much lymph as blood in the body. However, unlike blood, which has the heart to propel it, the lymph has no internal pump. Lymph flows very slowly, and depends on body movement for its flow.

The lymphatic system collects excess fluid, proteins, and waste products from the tissue spaces.  As the lymph passes through the lymph nodes, special cells attack foreign protein molecules and large particles and digest them, thereby releasing the amino acids into the lymph.  Other cells in the lymph nodes form antibodies to protect the body from foreign toxins and bacteria. 

The lymphatic system is a circulatory system that works its way throughout your entire body. It is made up of millions of one way valves that open and close based on hydraulics, when there is a pressure beneath a one-way valve it opens and when the pressure is above the valve it closes. If you are sedentary, your lymphatic system cannot function properly.  Enter disease.

The rebounder can act as your lymph pump.  At the bottom of the bounce, the gravitational pull closes the valves, but at the top of the bounce the pressure is decreased and the centrifugal force of your falling allows the lymph to flow up.  Because the lymph is flowing and waste is leaving, the body has a need for more white blood cells.  In a few minutes of health bouncing on the rebounder, the white blood cells are increased as much as 3 times.

Coming soon:  Let’s Learn About Lymph – Part 2