Bravo for you for putting time aside to learn about your lymphatic system!  While you’re reading, give your body a little wiggle, rotate your ankles, and tighten your abdominal muscles.  Know that you are stimulating your lymphatic system each time you move – and that’s a good thing!

This is our last lesson on lymph – lessons one and two are also worth your time.

Except for cartilage, nails, and hair, your entire body is bathed in lymph.  “If you could see a picture inside of your body, you would see the network of gland and nodes, and what looked like an extremely fine sheath of lace totally covering and saturating everything”.  You can actually feel some lymph nodes where they are close to the surface of your skin.  These areas include on the sides of your neck, under your chin, under your arms, and where your legs meet your torso.  Larger lymph nodes may swell noticeably when you are fighting an infection – keep reading to learn why this happens.

Waste matter and toxins are constantly being produced and built up, picked up by the lymph system and then removed from the body.  Lymph nodes are truly amazing processing plants.  An indispensable component of the body’s defenses system—lymph nodes filter out bacteria and other foreign material from lymph fluid, which is constantly flowing though the nodes.  This waste material is broken down, degraded, and sent on its way for elimination.  When the level of waste in the body builds at a faster pace than it is eliminated, the lymph nodes are overburdened and will enlarge. They simply cannot keep pace.  As lymph nodes swell up and fill to their capacity the waste moves on to the next available node.  These swollen nodes are often routinely surgically removed especially when cancerous cells are detected in them.  But removing the nodes is not removing the problem; the problem is the ever-increasing level of toxemic waste, not the nodes that are trying to contain it. 

But there is no need to jump from a cliff to get your lymph moving!  The answer?  Rebounding to get that lymph moving and your body healthier.