Sunset at Iquitos airport

Travel Safe and Sound
A couple of months ago, we asked our Facebook Fans for advice on staying healthy while traveling. They came up with great ideas and we’re delighted to share some of them with you.

Sue: Stretch as you go, bring some USANA Nutrimeal bars for snacks

Helen: Drink lots of water and hot herbal teas – no caffeine!

Judi: Find a way to move your body. Sitting still for too long causes many health problems.

Beth: In addition to water and movement, watch your salt intake.

Barbara: Put a relaxed, happy smile on your face and breathe.

Ann: Earplugs and a good book.

Carol: Sleep as much as you possibly can with your seatbelt exposed so they won’t wake you to check it.

Julie: Rev 3 to pick you up, Pure Rest to put you down.

Sue: Wash your hands frequently and count your blessings.

Bonita: Choose alkaline foods as much as possible.

PaulaLyn: Have some fun along the way and book some time for yourself at Sanoviv when you return.

Do you have healthy travel tips to share?