Fluoride – By Dr. Abdiel Uriel Márquez López

Fluoride is toxic, and there is enough of it in one standard tube of toothpaste to kill a 20-pound child. It is a waste product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries. When it is introduced into a living body, fluoride acts as an enzyme inhibitor that interferes with cellular function.

Fluoride is, and always has been, listed as a lethal poison in the Merck Manual, the standard manual on diseases and toxins used as a reference by all physicians. Another unknown fact is that worldwide studies have proven that adding fluoride to drinking water is not effective in reducing or preventing tooth decay. After all, fluoride is used as a rodenticide and insecticide. It is interesting that, in 1944 the American Dental Association (ADA) took the position that 1.2-3ppm (parts per million) of flouride in drinking water caused osteosclerosis, spondylosis, osteoporosis, goiter and brain damage.

A regular toothpaste has 1,450ppm when the National Institute of Health recommend 1ppm. We can find fluoride in: Dental care products (mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss, topical fluoride, etc) steel, aluminum, high octane gasoline, computer circuit boards, pesticides, refrigerant gas, Teflon, waterproof clothing, bricks, fertilizers, drugs (Prozac and Cipro), microwavable popcorn bags, hamburger wrapping, and uranium for nuclear weapons.

Recent studies confirmed that high doses of Fluoride causes cognitive deficits, dental fluorosis, sores in mouth, joint stiffness, retarded behavior, lowering of IQ, higher rates of cancer, birth defects, osteoporosis and in particular hip fractures. Sanoviv’s dental department practices fluoride-free dentistry and does not recommend fluoride, especially topical fluoride, the gel that traditional dentist apply at the end of a prophylaxis, that gel has up to 10,000ppm the same dose found in a “sensitive teeth” toothpaste.

References used: Whole Body Dentistry – By Dr. Mark A. Breiner D.D.S.