Intention, thinking, and action are necessary to get results for your health. A thought can inspire, “what if?” Analysis of the idea leads to “I wonder.” This, in turn, both physically motivates you to act and allows for the manifestation of the thought. But, sometimes, your little voice takes over and talks you out of working on a potentially great idea.

What are Thoughts?

Thoughts are inspirations that, with the right mindset, can manifest into physical goals. Every year, we consciously decide to elevate our business, improve at something, or achieve better health. What are your thoughts surrounding the accomplishment of your goal? Are they positive burning desires that motivate you to stay focused? Or, are they thoughts of never amounting to anything? Followed by a self-unworthiness perception of “why bother as it will just be like everything else; nothing ever goes my way.” You can take your thoughts and allow them to become your motivational tool to succeed in all your goals and desires. You have the power to elevate your goals and aspirations. Take your thoughts and make them so. It is that easy.

Sanoviv Helps with Intention

Here at Sanoviv Medical Institute, we have many medical programs that include visits to the psychology department. We do this purposely because our mind, body, and soul are connected. Suppose the doctors are working physically to make a person well, but that person doesn’t believe they are worthy of wellness, is in fear of health, or doesn’t believe they can heal. In that case, those thoughts become more powerful than the medicine.

Do you have a health intention? Revisit your goal. Where are you at with the goal? Take your health goal turn it into an intention, and make it your primary focus. Write out what you need to allow for this intention to be achieved. Refrain from holding back; write out what it will take, even if you do not have the resources (such as financial well-being) to believe it could be possible. To simplify it, if you could wave a magic wand to grant your wish, what would it be, and what do you need?

Manifest Your Intention

A thought does not allow for the physical constraints of “can’t.” What we think, we can manifest physically. Our vibrational energy syncs with the energy of the resources we need to make it so. If this has not happened, look at how you feel towards this intentional goal. What are your thoughts? Are they positive or negative? Do you have faith to put your need, want, or desire out to the Universe and know that it will be taken care of? Or is your little voice thinking through all the items keeping you from this goal?

The law of the Universe is to provide what we need if we feel we are worthy of that desire, passion, or goal. It is pretty simple, and yet we make it so difficult. It’s a leap of faith to put trust in what we cannot see. Allow the Universe to act upon your intention. The messages will come, but it is up to you to allow yourself to see them. To enable the connection, you must clear your thoughts of all physical constraints and make yourself open and ready to receive Universal messages that will bring you what you need to accomplish your goal.

Become Grounded

Our body, mind, and soul follow natural spiritual law. We must connect with our earth to become grounded and connected with the present moment. Being grounded allows you to become spiritually connected to the Universal vibration and allows for intention. One way to become grounded is by walking barefoot on Mother Earth. Here at Sanoviv, we have beautiful, luscious green grass, and many people walk barefoot on it. We hold classes that include walking barefoot on the grass to ground your energy and well-being. Take a walk barefoot in the sand, dirt, or grass. Hike into the woods or desert and become aware of the stillness. Listen to the breeze, smell the air, and be grateful for the connection. Connecting with nature allows for the realignment of your intentions and your desires.

Refuel With Positivity

When you feel your goal slipping away, you have two choices: refuel with positive intention or give up. But before you give up, ask yourself, “How has giving up worked for me in the past? Did it help me to ascertain my goals, aspirations, and desires?” The answer will be “no” every time. We cannot make conscious intention and then expect it to arrive on our threshold the next day, especially with negative thoughts or feeling unworthy of the goal. It takes time and will manifest when the time, space, and sequence are right.

You have the choice to allow your surroundings to physically and spiritually affect your flow of intention. They can continually fan the flames of your goals and desires. We are all faced with situations, critical moments, and physical blocks that may hinder our goals. Don’t allow this to break your connection. Remember, they, too, are a moment in time and shall soon pass. Keep your passion daily, and feel your goal’s emotions. Take “me” time, downtime, laugh, have fun, refuel, and connect with your higher vibration. The intention lies within you to make it so. When you reach your goal, repeat this process and make it so.