Stephanie and her sons

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     Hi, I’m Stephanie Wilder Deasy, USANA associate for 5 years, mother of two boys, personal trainer and group fitness director for 20 years, and I was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 lung cancer in July 2010.  When I received the devastating diagnosis, the USA doctors told me neither surgery nor radiation were options for this kind of lung cancer and that I needed to start an 18 week chemo treatment right away.  However, they warned us that I may not survive the chemo.

Not surviving was not an option.

This was on a Thursday and by Sunday I was on the airplane from Virginia,  with portable oxygen and my dear friend, Marcy Jones, to Sanoviv Medical Institute for the 4 week Holistic Oncology program.  While at Sanoviv, I received so much love and support and the best medical treatment in the world.  At what other facility are you treated by a team of specialists, including your own nutritionist, that are all working toward the same goal…YOU? And in this case, ME!

While at Sanoviv, I was really part of the family.  Dr. Wentz, founder of Sanoviv and USANA, visited me, as did Dr. Denis Waitley.  I met Sanoviv’s President, Elaine Pace, while she was rubbing my feet and we had a wonderful time in March 2011 when she came out to Lynchburg to give a presentation about Sanoviv to dozens of people in our community.

I returned home to my precious family after the oncotherapy program and started my 18 week chemo treatment.  I know that coming to Sanoviv was the best decision for me.  After Sanoviv’s care, I was uniquely be able to withstand the harsh chemo treatment and minimize the side effects.  My medical team sent me home with a program which included continued psychological support, specific guidelines and recipes for nutrition and an exercise program.

I finished my 18 weeks of Chemo on December 28, 2010.  I continue my home program on a daily basis and stay in touch with my Sanoviv Doctor, Xavier Curiel MD,  for updates.  On January 11, my oncologist at home said the cancer was gone for now.

I happily returned to Sanoviv for a week of the diagnostic program to evaluate how I was doing and what changes needed to be made.  I was reunited with the Sanoviv staff that took such good care of me both physically and emotionally.  There were lots of tears; happy ones this time.

I again returned home to her family and am thrilled to report that I am able to be a full capacity mom AND keep up with my two terrific boys (ages 10 and 12).  I exercise, meditate daily, and continuing practicing the energy medicine that I was taught at Sanoviv.  My goal, May 1, is to complete the hometown tri-athalon, along with my kids in  honor of those dealing with this disease.

I would be happy to share my experience with you, and help you make decisions if you or a loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis.  Wishing you love, light, and Sanoviv in your future – Stephanie