Lynn Walker McKinven

“Chew Your Green Juice – – – it’s the most persuasive drink you’ll ever have.

*warning:  side effects may include radiant health.” – Lynn Walker McKinven 

Lynn is a certified Health Educator, Raw Foods Chef, Public Speaker and Owner of Lynn Walker Living Well, LLC.  She walks the talk and helps others help themselves through nutritional workshops, speaking engagements, private parties and consultations. “’Girls’ Night Out” is her signature party where guests learn, laugh and share their way to radiant health.  Her clients get inspired by seeing a raw food kitchen in action, realizing the indisputable link between “live” nutrition and optimal health.  Every bite counts – – -even desserts!

“America is starting to wake up and realize a diet rich in phyto-nutritents, minerals & enzymes facilitates the elimination of toxins and supports a miraculous inner-eco system to promote true health.”

Sanoviv Medical Institute and Usana Nutritionals changed Lynn’s life 7 years ago, making her a whole and healthy person.  By age16 she had a duodenal ucler.  By 49 she was sick, tired and determined to find a solution to dis-ease other than prescription drugs.  She went from emotionally & physically depleted to healthy, cheerful & vibrant.  She regained her energy, glowing skin & eyes and positive attitude through the physical and mental transformation that Sanoviv Medical Institute and Usana Nutritionals provided.

Lynn is currently working on her memoir/self-help book, “Chew Your Juice:  *warning:  side effects may include radiant health.”  The best story is the human story and there is no better person to speak on the issue of health than someone who has achieved it.  She has also recently trademarked  “The Green Counter”, a retail spin off of Lynn Walker Living Well, LLC and has developed a business plan inspired by Sanoviv.  The name, The Green Counter, holds double meaning for Lynn, since she knows the healing quality of “green” and how it “counters” dis-ease and she plans to install a recognizable, bright,  apple green quartz counter in her new store.

It will be an organic juice bar & café, with educational classes and an adjunct spa to include colonic hydro-therapy, massage therapy,  infrared sauna/cold plunge pool therapy and myo-pulse/acu-scope therapy.  A “Sanoviv Light’ of sorts!  Imagine spending the day at The Green Counter juice bar & cafe learning and receiving nourishing juices, smoothies & meals, while de-toxing at The Green Counter spa. I want to teach my clients how to look and feel their best while living and loving life with optimal health & happiness.”

“From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.”

– Catalan proverb

Last month, we ran an original health quotes contest on Facebook, giving away a post on our blog spotlighting one of our fans.  We loved Lynn’s quote, and are delighted to share her information with you.  Lynn – we believe in the work you are doing and wish you radiant health and success!