Tennis balls are for more than fetching!

Pain relief can be as simple and inexpensive as knowing how to use tennis balls to ease tension and trigger points.  Ballerinas have long been known to carry tennis balls with them for those occasions when they need help fast.  The balls can be used to effectively relieve muscle spasms before a rehearsal or a big event.  You, too, can make use of tennis balls with a few simple tips and techniques.

Sometimes referred to as Tennis Ball Therapy, tennis balls can be used to ease everything from relieving the pain of sciatica to breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.  The user controls the amount of pressure applied by slowly shifting weight onto the ball. Find trigger points in this way, using moderate force to compress each painful spot for 15 to 20 seconds before moving on to the next.  You can use the floor or the wall for support as you zero in on areas of tightness.  Remember to breathe deeply and shift your body slightly as you work on the targeted area.

Repetitive motions can cause tight muscles.  Sitting at a desk and driving can cause muscles to shorten and tension to form.  Taking a break with tennis ball therapy can help to loosen those areas, providing pain relief and increased blood flow. Whether it’s your neck, shoulder, back or glutes, just ten minutes to relieve some tension can greatly improve the rest of your day.

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