Our wonderful Spa therapists are trained in: Connective tissue manipulations Fascia- Main Facial Structures in the Extremities And Trunk Psychosomatic Lesions Neurological conditions Sports Injuries Craniosacral therapy Lymphatic drainage massage Reflexology Facial treatments Aromatherapy massage Salon treatments (pedicure, manicure, hair cut.) Seitai shiatsu massage Reiki treatment Swedish massage Palliative massage Hydrotherapy treatments (seaweed body wrap, fango body wrap, herbal body wrap)

Our Spa is located in a quiet, soothing environment with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean that will awaken the senses and calm the spirit.

While some may consider Spa treatments to be unimportant in healing from chronic disease, nothing could be further from the truth. They can serve various purposes and are a key element in your healing process. Spa treatments can be used to reach a deep relaxation state, a vital step in connecting with your natural healing abilities. They can also be used to release tension in the body and aid in detoxification.

The care given by the highly trained and experienced massage therapists is unrivaled. Their loving care adds healing touch to your overall health experience at Sanoviv. They will work with you just as skillfully with their hands as with their hearts for your healing.