Stretching at all ages is invigorating and healthful

“Stretching… You do it when you wake up in the morning. Baseball fans do it in the seventh inning. Animals do it after a nap. There’s nothing like a good stretch. It’s normal, it’s natural, and it feels great. And more and more people are discovering that stretching is also great for them.” ~ The Stretch Deck

Why stretch? The first thought that usually comes to mind is improving flexibility. Whether due to tension, habitual postures, or aging, tight muscles can decrease your range of motion and lead to imbalance. Stretching can improve these conditions and lead to better coordination and relaxation.

Stretching is easy and can be done by anyone. It requires no special equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. We all know that athletes stretch, but anyone can suffer from tight muscles. Whether you sit at a desk, or stand on your feet all day, stretching can ease your stiff muscles and prevent or relieve repetitive injuries.

Always begin your stretching  by warming up for several minutes. There are many wonderful books and DVDs that can outline stretching routines for everyone from the novice to the advanced practitioner. Stretch until you feel a gentle pull. If you feel pain, you are doing too much! Overdoing it will actually cause your muscles to tighten and can lead to muscle tearing. The opposite of what you are working toward.

Breathing is also important when stretching. Inhaling into the stretch helps to oxygenate the muscles as they are elongated. Always check with your physician before beginning any exercise program. If at any point you feel pain or discomfort STOP! Stretching can bring you increased mobility, better sleep and overall better range of motion. Make an effort to fit it into your daily routine and you will be pleased with the benefits.

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