This is Aaron before treatments and education from Sanoviv.

When I was 27, my health began to change in ways that stumped my doctors. It began, I thought, with a bout of mononucleosis. I was also experiencing anxiety attacks and digestive issues. My doctors recommended rest so my body could heal from the mono. They found a gallstone, and removed my gallbladder. I tried returning to work, but continued to be so fatigued that I could not make it through even a partial day. I had to leave my job and move home to live with my parents. After a few months, the doctors decided my tonsils needed to be removed. That was supposed to help me heal and improve. It did not.

Early in 2006, I found an integrative physician, as I had been to over 2 dozen specialists around the US, and not one of them could offer a treatment that actually helped. Everything they tried simply made the situation worse. I began working with the integrative physician. We had moments of improvement, but still, over the following 4 years, I continued to decline.

By 2010, I had gained roughly 125 pounds, was borderline Type 2 diabetic with dangerously high blood pressure and extremely high inflammatory markers. I had altered sensation in my arms and legs…they thought I was developing Multiple Sclerosis, but my MRIs were clear. I often had no feeling in my hands or my feet and was so weak sometimes, that I could not walk more than a few feet. At that point, my physician recommended (again…as she had a few times before) that I consider Sanoviv.

I had already spent 5 years with this health issue and it was clear that I was spiraling downward. Emotionally, I was a disaster. I only left the house for medical appointments, because any trip would wear me out. I showered once a week because it took so much energy to just do that. I couldn’t use the computer since I couldn’t feel my fingers. I hadn’t seen friends in nearly half a decade…which seems like forever. Even talking on the phone wore me out.

I spoke with the admissions department at Sanoviv in early March 2010. Within a few hours, I had an appointment to speak with an admission physician. After that conversation, I made arrangements to be admitted to Sanoviv. I arrived on March 14 with my mother. By that point, my family knew what I knew: I was dying, and no one really knew why. I think my mother slept well that night for the first time in years. I was seen by a physician as soon as I arrived and was immediately started on IV therapies to stabilize me. I remember lying in bed thinking that maybe I really could have a chance to survive whatever this was.

The next morning I met all the members of my team. After seeing so many doctors and constantly feeling their doubt, it was beyond comforting to be at Sanoviv where my entire team clearly did not doubt what I was telling them. They knew I was actually sick (other doctors had written it off as “in my head” or depression). And they made it clear that they could help. And help they did.

I underwent a huge number of tests. And we learned so many important things. It turned out that the treatments my integrative physician back home had been doing were right…but they were not working because we were missing 2 very crucial pieces of the puzzle: my severe gluten intolerance and a genetic liver anomaly that impairs my detoxification ability. My Sanoviv team began treating those, and everything else started falling into place.

I was there for a month, and lost nearly 20 pounds. I felt better, and stronger. And, for the first time in 5 years, I actually felt like I could, and would, get better. There really is no word to describe the relief that comes with that realization. I knew I was dying, my doctor at home knew it, and the Sanoviv team knew it when I arrived. Thankfully, they also knew how to treat me.

Today, a little more than 2 years after I arrived at Sanoviv for the first time, I am completely different. I have been at Sanoviv 4 times. I have lost 121 pounds, am able to work out several times a week. I can cook and clean on my own. I have been able to spend time with friends and I can use the computer and phone again. During my most recent visit to Sanoviv, they found that all of the issues they diagnosed in 2010 were now in remission. My body is doing its own work and I no longer require the extensive supplementation or treatments. I still have some residual neurological issues, but those too are improved and continue to improve steadily.

Sanoviv saved my life. There is no other way to say it. They treated me, all of me, not just the physical. At Sanoviv, your team includes a medical doctor, a nutritionist, a chiropractor, a dentist, and a psychologist. They truly left no stone unturned.  And throughout the process, each of them educated me while they were treating me. That education empowered me to work the treatment plan much more effectively and gives me knowledge that will forever allow me to optimize my health.

Coming to Sanoviv is not the whole of one’s treatment, though. Once your team offers you a treatment plan, the real work is yours. You have to be committed to going home and working the program. I was extraordinarily fortunate to have a physician and a chiropractor at home who were willing to work with my Sanoviv team to support my healing and recovery. All of them worked together to help me succeed.

I will be forever grateful to Dr.Meza, Sue Ward, Aaron Garcia DCM, Dr. Walter de la O, Fernando Estrella, and the nursing and treatment staff at Sanoviv for their care, their knowledge, and the guidance and support they provided throughout my healing process.
My doctors here at home are Dr Maggie Peterson, DC  Enderlin North Dakota
Dr Patricia Ryan, MD  Omaha Nebraska. Thanks to all.