Yesika Lucero


I truly considered myself to be a nature lover. Since I was a child, I have always felt to be grateful whenever I get in touch with nature and be able to enjoy its main own natural components and details on every single possible way. My favorite activities are spending a day at the beach, camping, hiking and pretty much very single outdoor activity. I have always believed in justice, kindness and be able to apply this with my friends and family. The apple of my eyes (my daughter) is so smart, cool, fun, lovely, and definitely holds a huge heart; she is the main reason for me to be the best version of myself. She really helps me to understand the real meaning of life. Here, at Sanoviv Medical Institute, I’ve also found and practice my ability to help others, care not only for me but for others by being present in a healthy and particular magic work environment. My experience working here it’s been way beyond lovely, peaceful and relaxing; not enough words to describe this feeling. Also, I’m grateful to be in place where I can see the ocean every day and feel amazed with the shine of the stars every night. I feel myself energized, mentally calmed and with peace.