Kathya Ureña, LDN


I’ve always been interested in healthcare, growing up had some formation as a phlebotomist technician and developing an interest in healthy cooking; nutrition, and food science became my career path. During university, I started an organic vegetable garden which took me to study soil microbiology and other select topics in agronomy in Argentina. I found that a healthy soil supports pest-resistant plants naturally, much like healthy nutrition help our bodies stay strong and fight disease. This is how I started an integrative health education program in vulnerable communities in Tijuana which went on to win a prize in Mexico City. After graduating with honors I have worked at mostly clinical settings as a nutritionist, health coach, gardening and healthy cooking instructor with: families and patients with autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal issues, bariatric surgery, and cancer. Looking to offer an integrated approach to patients I’ve attended courses in clinical nutrition, plant-based diets, vegan cooking, and mindful eating. Working in Sanoviv I feel fortunate enough to be part of a great team that focuses on the whole person, understanding the guest’s needs and likes to better customize his nutritional recommendations. I also love that we have an organic garden by the sea! When I’m not working I like hiking with my dog, reading or gardening.