Juán Llanos


I were born and raise in Tijuana Baja Califorma City Neighbor from Rosarito and border from San Diego California, I been in the Customer Services field since 1997 Year where I got Married and my first male Son who’s now 22 Years old was born, I have two beautiful daughters 17 and 9 years old.

My preferred hobbies are listening to audiobooks focus on integral body wellness for the mind, the spirituality and soul.
In the last 5 Years I was dedicated in the Call center Industry as a Facilitator in specialized Customer Services covering all areas such Sales, Technical Support, Web support, Collections, Billing and Refunds.

I found in Sanoviv a great opportunity to continue learning how to connect effectively with the people needs in one by one as a front desk position, In the interview with management it was showed me the importance of the connection skill development ability since we work with the more important field Health and Wellness.

Work in a worldwide recognized as the best Holistic Clinical Institute were the vision of our founder Dr. Myron Wentz is materialize in all sense Body, Mind and Soul from Our Guest’s testimonials it is the best experience in my present day.

The leadership of Our Guest Services Department Lead by Mr. Tris Conley thru Our pioneer coordination Supervisor Mr. José Leal make Our Coordination Team goal possible with the commend “make Our Guest’s feel like home”.