José Luis Flores Sevilla, Ph. D.

Principal Research Scientist

When I first visited Sanoviv Medical Institute, I was able to observe how much dedication the medical group puts into each of their patients. The “integrative” model incorporates many variables to fully evaluate each patient’s clinical status, variables that conventional health care systems usually do not consider. I realized that this facility had created a new human-centric health care model, which made me eager to collaborate with them.

As a biomedical scientist, I am passionate about understanding the functional adaptability of the immune system. I am devoted to the study of molecular pathways and discovering ways to control immune cell versatility. This translates into a continuous pursuit of innovative cellular therapies, diagnostic strategies, and knowledge generation by our laboratory group for addressing the particular health complications of each of our patients.

How does the human body protect itself against infections, and what underlies its ability to control disease? These questions govern our daily efforts at the Sanoviv Biomedical Research Department.