Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Introduction

At Sanoviv Medical Institute we understand that a diagnosis of cancer can strike fear in the heart of patients, their loved ones and friends.  The ‘C’ word is so emotionally charged that many people upon this diagnosis feel as though their life is over.  We understand these feeling and we are here to tell you that this does not have to be the case.  Cancer is not a death sentence.

Understanding you as an individual, your genetic disposition, lifestyle and environmental components helps us see what may have contributed to your cancer occurrence.  We then offer cancer solutions drawn from the latest proven, cutting-edge treatments taken from around the world that will be based on your own body chemistry and body history.

Treating cancer and working with you to regain your health is what Sanoviv does best.  Conventional approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation are not the only answer because of their high toxicity and side effects that are often more dangerous to a long life than the cancer itself.  Yes, we will attack the cancer but our focus will also be to boost your immune system with advanced immunotherapies, nutrition, supplementation, and detoxification.  Our goal is to address the underlying cause of the cancer, and help support your body’s own ability to fight back.

Despite the fact that cancer is a serious disease, it can often be outsmarted.  Our options for dealing with cancer are many and varied.  Our approach is an integrative one combining the best of conventional therapies with proven alternative medicine.

Let us assist you in understanding cancer from a different perspective; one of hope, caring and respect.  A perspective that includes options that actually make sense and one that includes you as a full partner in your healing.

Please allow us to guide you on your journey to your best possible health.  For more information, please call one of our friendly admissions coordinators.  They can explain the varied treatment programs that we have available and set up a free consultation with one of our treating doctors.  The doctor will recommend the program that is right for you.

Cancer Assessment

Cancer rates have been rising alarmingly in the last century, particularly during the last three decades, when cancer has become the second leading cause of death behind cardiovascular disease.  Some experts estimate that at this rate, cancer deaths will exceed those from cardiovascular disease in just a few years. Epidemiological studies have shown that up to 70 to 90% of all cancers are caused by environmental factors, lifestyle factors, dietary habits and chronic stress. Never before has the human body had to deal with such a vast number of triggers that can induce cancer as it does now.

These may include:

Tobacco smoke


Radiation exposure

Free radicals

Electromagnetic fields

Chronic dehydration

Environmental pollutants

Hormone usage

Other potential contributors may include infectious agents like viruses, hormones in food especially animal products, certain types of fungus or mold, and nutritional deficiencies from processed foods, depleted soil, artificial sweeteners, sodas, or excessive coffee.

At Sanoviv, our mission is to educate our patients about the connection between cancer and lifestyle factors so that they can return home with an increased sense of control over their future health.

Through the years we have learned the importance of Healthy Living and eating, yet nowadays something as basic and essential as this has become quite difficult for many people either due to lack of time, knowledge or consciousness. When you arrive, we will focus on assessing your lifestyle to determine if your diet, exercise and rest patterns have contributed to the cancer.

You will be given a team of Medical Doctors, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Biological Dentist, Psychologist, Spa and Fitness experts, and more, who will independently evaluate your condition. They will study all the information collected and then work as a team to connect the dots and design a treatment program specifically for you. We don’t limit our medical attention and treatments to just surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  Instead, we are open to science-based therapies including immunotherapies, specific antigen therapies and tumor vaccines, virotherapies, targeted surgical interventions interventions such as cryotherapy, and more!

Your Health team

Your Medical Doctor will facilitate your medical treatment and coordinate all other treatments in your program.  You will meet with your doctor regularly.

Your Psychologist will help to determine any emotional factors that might contribute to the development of Cancer and support your healing through relaxation, healing imagery and emotional expression.

Your Dentist will assess and treat any issues that could exacerbate the inflammatory process like gingivitis, cavitations, abscesses and heavy metal toxicity.

Your Nutritionist will assess your diet and give you information on the role food will play in your healing.

Your Chiropractor will assess and treat any structural imbalances that might be contributing to your health issues.

Your Fitness Expert will help you strengthen and exercise your body in a holistic way to support detoxification , greater energy and overall health.

Your bio-energy practitioner will assess and treat the energetic (electrical) part of your body using microcurrent and magnetic technologies.  Virtually everyone who has cancer needs support to ensure that important electrical impulses are working properly to facilitate nerve communication and balance the various systems of your body.

Start your journey to Sanoviv and find hope again.


Each program focuses our assessment and treatment tools towards a specific health issue and your individual experience of these health issues, you can find more about our programs here.

Contact a Health Advisor

If you feel that your specific health issue or area of interest does not fit into any of these areas, please contact us to speak with a friendly admissions person.  They will be happy to answer your questions and provide information.

Therapies & Classes

At Sanoviv, we are pleased to offer an extensive array of proven therapies from around the world, from therapies, detoxification treatments, nutrition lectures, fitness classes and more.