Luis Armando Gómez, DDS

Dental Supervisor

A high level dentist that received his dental degree as DDS (Doctor in dental surgery) in UABC – Autonomous University of Baja California) one of the most prestigious dental schools in the country.

He enjoys every time he is able to help a patient to develop his own confidence through a healthy and beautiful smile, being able to help patients taking pain away and improving their lifestyles live happier and more confident. He considers dentistry as a perfect combination of science and art and the biggest opportunity to help another person.

Sanoviv is a unique place in the world, the kind of medicine we practice here is the future of medicine we see the patient as a whole and we approach disease from many important aspects of a patient’s health, we learn from each other and we work as a big family og health care professionals.

When I was at dental school I always dream of a place with a vision like Sanoviv and now I’m able to make it come true, nothing compared to see a happy patient smile, eat, and talk properly, restore its own confidence and self-esteem, it is priceless that we have huge opportunity of impacting and touch patients’s lifes.

Dr. Luis is trained in:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Biological Dentistry

To make the link between traditional and holistic dentistry to improve patients health and live happier.