Diagnostic and medical treatment

1. – How can I become a patient at Sanoviv?

The first step would be to fill out an online medical history form so we may evaluate your case and determine if you are a candidate and also to indicate which of our programs is the most suitable for your case. Once you complete the form our admissions representative will call you within 48 business hours to do follow up.

The second step is optional and consists of a medical phone consult with our admissions doctor who will explain possible treatment options with you. The admissions doctor will be the one to approve your admission. After having the approval of the admissions doctor you will be ready to book your reservation.

2. – How much notice time do I need to book a reservation?

We recommend that you book a reservation at least two to three weeks before your desired arrival day.

If necessary, Sanoviv can usually accommodate immediate admissions, but advance notice permits your doctor to conduct a thorough review of your medical information.

3. – What do I need in order to book a reservation?

Admissions will request a minimum $500 USD deposit with a credit card when you make your reservation. Some people prefer to put down 50% or even all of the cost of their program so they don’t have to worry about it later. The $500 deposit is not refundable, but is fully transferable to another date or person.

4. – Do you accept arrivals any day of the week?

We have set specific arrival days for our various programs. For one week and dental programs, arrival day should be on Sunday. For two week programs, arrival day can be Sunday through Wednesday. For our Integrative Physical program, arrival can be Sunday through Tuesday.

5. – When do I need to pay in full for my program?

Complete payment is required 30 days before arrival.

6. – What payments methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card and Discover), bank’s cashier’s check, and wire transfers only.

7. – Where is Sanoviv located?

Sanoviv is located in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, approximately 60 minutes south of San Diego, California.

8. – Do you provide transportation?

Sanoviv offers transportation to and from locations within the San Diego area, including the airport, bus station, train station, San Diego Convention Center, and specific San Diego hotels. Our shuttle hours are 9am to 5pm, however other times may be arranged if circumstances require.

9. - May I bring a friend or a family member with me?

Yes. Guests on a medical program are allowed (and encouraged) to have one companion. The companion fee is only $100 USD per day. Companions share the room with the patient. Meals and clothing are included and companions have access to the pools, sauna and all of the regular classes we have available at Sanoviv.  We do not allow companions for guests who are on a healthy retreat, education, or other non-medical program.  In these instances, friends and family are welcome to join the retreat at the regular program price, based on availability.

10. – Do I need a passport to go to Mexico?

USA and Canadian citizens will require a passport. Most other nationalities require a passport, plus a US Visa or Mexican Visa. For more information, or to check the requirements in your country, please contact the Mexican consulate to learn the requirements to enter Mexico.

11. – Does Sanoviv take insurance?

Sanoviv does not directly deal with insurance companies. Many insurance companies do not welcome billing/processing for medical services outside their own country.  If you have health insurance which pays for treatments in Mexico, you will pay for your Sanoviv treatments in advance, then submit the bill to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Many people use a 3rd party billing company to assist with this process.

Patients from around the world have used this option to reclaim some of their expenses at Sanoviv. Companies like this often translate your records, add medical coding, and file the claim to your insurance company. They follow up with your insurance company to make sure you are properly reimbursed, if possible. Most of these companies charge a percentage of your reimbursement and they are very easy to find by typing “insurance billing agency” into any search engine.

For guests from the USA, here is a sample company that some Sanoviv guests have successfully used in the past:


Phone: (619) 425-5083
Fax: (619) 425-4531
Contact Person: Celia Diaz
Website: www.uihn.net
Email: celia@uihn.net
UIHN charges a billing fee of 20% of the collected amount for processing the reimbursement. If client is not eligible for a reimbursement the fee does not apply.  They offer a free call to verify if your medical plan qualifies for reimbursement with your insurance company. This billing company is not associated with Sanoviv, and Sanoviv does not receive a fee if you use their services.

If you find that your insurance company will provide reimbursement for services rendered at Sanoviv, please request the appropriate forms from the accounting department during your Sanoviv stay.

12. – Does Sanoviv offer financing to help me cover the cost of my program?

At Sanoviv, we focus on what we do best – helping you achieve your optimal health. We do not have a lending license that would permit us to  offer loans, nor do we have direct access to foundations or other grants, although we encourage you to research what may be available in your local area. Some guests have had successful fundraisers with family and friends. If you need additional financing assistance, we recommend that you contact your local bank or credit union.  They will typically have the best rates and terms available.

Some of our guests have worked with the following finance companies.  These companies are not associated with Sanoviv and Sanoviv does not receive a fee for their services.

In the US:

United Medical Financing – They offer flexible terms, fast turn-around, and funding is directly to the patient.  Please contact your Sanoviv admissions coordinator for details. Here is a link to the application:

United Medical Financing

United Medical Financing



Life Credit Company

Life Credit Company

Life Credit Company – If you have any type of life insurance policy with a death benefit of $100,000 or larger, Life Credit might be able to get you the funds you need today to pay for your cost of care. To learn more, click on the banner below, or visit Life Credit at:


In Canada:

Medicard at https://www.medicard.com/credit_application.php Choose your ideal terms from 6 months to 5 years. Medicard will pay Sanoviv directly.

13. - Do you accept children as patients?

The minimum age required to be a patient or guest at Sanoviv is 16.

14. – What amenities are included in my room?

Each room is an oceanfront suite including a large balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The living area of the room includes a couch and love seat, along with a queen size bed. A television is included in each room, with limited access to certain channels, so that you are not distracted from your detoxification and treatment. Specific suites include a companion room that consists of a single size bed, desk and closet. A large, private bathroom is included in each suite.

15. – Can I leave the Sanoviv premises during my scheduled program?

Sanoviv guests and their companions are required to stay on site and enjoy the many amenities that are offered.

16. – Do I have access to e-mail/computer?

Yes. We have computers with internet access available for you in a special room, allowing you to utilize these tools and yet minimize electromagnetic interference with your healing. You may also choose to bring your laptop.