Medical program

Diagnostics and treatments

In an increasingly toxic world, we are usually exposed to pollution, pesticides and other contaminants. We also deal with lifestyle factors like an unhealthy diet, stress and a lack of sleep and exercise. This not only taxes our bodies but also our genes; as our genes try to deal with the onslaught of other unknown stimuli, to which our natural coping mechanisms can seem ineffective.

The combination of environment, genetics and lifestyle can be the perfect recipe for chronic disease. When these are out of balance, oxidative stress can diminish our ability to maintain health and vibrancy.
For this reason, we have developed the Sanoviv Medical program.

Your program can include:

Blood tests for nutritional status, cardiovascular risks, and overall health

Functional diagnostic assessments for overall inflammation like sleep apnea test

Heart rate variability

Darkfield microscope test

Ultrasound evaluation of abdomen and pelvis; also of the breast in women

Professional assessments by a medical doctor, a dentist, a psychologist

A metabolic and fitness evaluation

Colon hydrotherapy

IV nutrition and oxygenation

Energetic biofeedback

Energy rebalancing

Matrix cleansing to detoxify and revive your health

A package of spa treatments



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