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In our experience, we have found that each individual is different and needs a personalized approach to be effective in their healing. We also understand the need of a potential guest to know beforehand what they can expect during their visit. This is why we have created specific programs to deal with each individual health issue. These programs have been designed with proven treatments that are most successful in dealing with your distinct health challenge, and yet they are individualized to fit your specific needs. The protocols within these programs are constantly updated to offer you the most current and effective treatments available in holistic and allopathic medicine.

Each program focuses our assessment and treatment tools towards a specific health issue and your individual experience of these health issues. Some of these are focused toward the treatment of chronic disease while others are focused on prevention to support and boost your health, correcting imbalances before they become more serious problems.

Here is a list of the programs we offer at Sanoviv. If you feel that your specific health issue or area of interest does not fit into any of these, please contact one of our doctors for more information.

Medical Programs



Integrative Physical

Lyme & Chronic Infectious Disease

Detox and Rejuvenation

Cancer Programs

Cancer Support

Intensive Cancer

Dental Programs

Amalgam Removal

Health & Education Programs

Healthy Getaway

Health and Education Retreat

Health and Education Retreat for  Nurses and Health Professionals

Medical & Education Retreat

Rejuvenate Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Spirit

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

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Advanced Care for Cancer

Advanced Care for Cancer

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Our wonderful Spa

Our wonderful Spa

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