Safety at Sanoviv


A question that some people ask is “Is it safe to come to Sanoviv?  We answer with a resounding, YES!

Sanoviv Medical Institute is located on the California Baja coast in beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

We are pleased to say that in the 14 years since Sanoviv opened, we have never had a security incident with one of our guests. In addition, the water at Sanoviv is quadruple-filtered so you can safely drink or bathe in water from any faucet.  Our therapeutic pools are specially filtered sea water, providing a safe, chlorine-free environment.  Our food is 100% organic and free of chemicals or pesticides.

At Sanoviv, we provide you with 100% natural cotton clothing so that your body can breathe and experience a greater level of detoxification. The clothing is loose fitting to increase the lymphatic flow throughout the body. Your room is toxin free and your bedding is furnished with organic cotton linens. We also supply you with non-toxic shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste.


In short, we have done everything possible to provide a stress-free environment of serenity and healing.  Most importantly, you will be treated with a warm hospitality characteristic of all Sanoviv employees and will make you feel at home.  When your program is finished, our drivers return you to your San Diego destination.