Jan Altman is a winner in so many ways

Warm congratulations to Jan Altman, whose submission in our coconut oil recipe contest earned her a free 32 oz jar of Tropical Traditions virgin coconut oil! 

Jan’s winning entry stated, “I love roasted vegetables and this sounds especially good.”  http://www.freecoconutrecipes.com/recipe_Roasted_Broccoli_and_Purple_Cauliflower.htm 

Yum yum – roasted broccoli and purple cauliflower, with the terrific antioxidant garlic, lemon juice as an alkalizer, and coconut oil to round out the healthy benefits.  Check out the topic “Coconuts” on the right side of this blog to learn more.

Sanoviv asked Jan to tell us about herself so both her favorite recipe and life may inspire others.  She wrote a beautiful bio and shared her Top 3 Healthy Living Tips.   Read on!

I’ve had some of the most rewarding jobs a person could have – as a mother and as someone who helps people.  I love learning and providing education/training. Most recently I started a home business online to build a residual income and secure my retirement, and I’m excited to work with others in achieving long-term health inside and out. I am passionate about integrative medicine and searching for the cause of problems rather than simply treating symptoms. 

I love to sing in groups. Singing is something that engages your whole self. It can be energizing or wonderfully soothing, whether you’re singing with others or all by yourself. Music brings people together and connects you to others. There’s nothing like it! And I’ve read that exposing yourself to music can boost your immune system. Second, I have found it makes a big difference to get enough sleep. I didn’t want to believe this for a long time, but I have to admit it’s true….and relatively easy. Lastly, I have been impressed with the benefits of good fats and omega 3’s. Many people avoid all fats and don’t realize that the healthy fats play such an important role in our diets. It was amazing to me to learn about the powerful anti-inflammatory properties from the EPA in fish oil.

Thanks, Jan!  We salute you, the music you bring to the world, and your quest to help others as we all travel on the road to optimal health.