Nine months after her Stage 4 Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Stephanie Deasy and her sons completed a triathlon.

As the world recognizes World Cancer Day today, join all of us at Sanoviv in honoring the work that has been done to date everyone who has been affected by cancer:  people living with it, people whose lives have ended because of it, people whose loved ones have been touched by cancer, everyone in the health care field who cares for people living with cancer with the intention of improving their lives, researchers, people who raise money for research, medical care, and respite – and so many more.  It is not a stretch to say that cancer has touched nearly everyone worldwide in some way.

The theme this year is “Together it is possible”.  At Sanoviv, we interpret this as integrative medicine.  Together, our medical team learns about you and recommends the best approach.  Together, your doctor works with you to identify changes you need to make as well as choices in optimal medical treatments.  Together, you and your loved ones adapt to a new way of living, thinking, and often just breathing.

In honor of World Cancer Day, the video testimonials below tell the story of some of our guests who have encountered cancer.  Every story is different, just as every person is an individual.  May you or someone you care for find information and comfort in these stories.

Bladder Cancer

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer


Melanoma (metastasized)

Prostate Cancer

Post Radiation Recovery

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