Inside the Sanoviv Health Stuff Store

Meet Donny Ward.  Donny manages the Sanoviv Health Stuff Store onsite at our beautiful healing retreat and he helps our guests organize their supplements for our home program. Donny is our guest blogger this week with great information.  Enjoy!

My three favorite products in the Sanoviv Health Stuff Store are also in my home.

1. Chi Vitalizer. I use this product everyday because the Chi Vitalizer is a way to induce the Trager Massage method. Before chi massagers, you would need a therapist to gently lift your legs and move them from side to side to increase circulation, which leads to increased blood flow. This allows you to feel the warming of your muscles, healing internal organs and strengthening your immune system. The main function is to relieve back and muscle pain, neuralgia, increase circulation of oxygen, and promote complete relaxation. 5 minutes on the Chi massager equals 30 minutes walking exercise in the way it oxygenates your blood.

2. Samson GBW 300 Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Washer. The first kitchen appliance using Ultrasonic Wave Technology for easy and deep cleaning of fruits, vegetables, dishes, kitchenware and precious metal jewelry. Ultrasonic waves eliminate toxic chemicals and pesticides without scrubbing precious nutrients from the outer layers of your foods! Operates using a silent vibration with no splashing. Fits in any sink or on the counter. The material of the container contains negative ions, which eliminate odors, chlorine and other chemicals. It is energy efficient! One penny per wash cycle.

3. The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. It provides an in-depth look at whole foods and how to prepare them. Learn to prepare foods that promote optimal health, decrease inflammation, prevent disease, and energize your body. There are over 200 delicious, nourishing recipes in this cookbook that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your soul. This book features Evidence-based information on whole foods. Information on food sensitivities; including ways to adapt recipes with gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy. Prepare whole grain baked goods that are gluten, dairy, egg, and soy-free. Includes a proven 28-day elimination and detoxification diet.

And of course I love the Sanoviv cookbook, as well.  And for all of you calling to ask if we carry safe iodine supplements online, our answer is a resounding YES! We have several products that include iodine as an ingredient.
I hope to see many of you pass through our store in person.

~ Wishing you peace and wellness, Donny